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3-Step Shortcut to a Bitcoin Cashout

When you enjoy games of fortune at online casinos, it’s crucial to discover a secure banking option allowing you to withdraw your winnings in the most suitable way. All in all, you’re probably playing to hit the jackpot, win real money, and become a Richie Rich in a snap.

Perhaps, it’s the safest option to cash out your winnings in Bitcoins. The encrypted assets are deemed to be a reliable banking method at many online gambling portals. Therefore, if you fancy playing casino games with real cash, make sure to register at a trusted Bitcoin casino.

BTC ensures the punters’ anonymity and enables them to make safe deposits and cashouts using nothing more than a Bitcoin wallet address. Also, it’s ultrafast and super-easy to withdraw with Bitcoins; and the best part of is that there are no transaction fees. Keep reading to learn more about BTC cashouts.

How to Withdraw Your Funds from a Bitcoin Casino?

If you’d like to withdraw from a crypto casino – say, Bitcasino.io – make sure you have actually scored some Bitcoins while playing the games and clear out the wagering requirements in case a bonus was claimed. When you apply for a cashout, Bitcoins are immediately transferred from your online casino account to your wallet.

Generally, the procedure takes up to 12 hours – from submitting a withdrawal request to watching the coins appear in your wallet. Most likely, you will not pay any extra fees. And yes, in a couple of mouse clicks you can become a lucky Bitcoin holder. Here are the steps to follow whatsoever:

  • Log into your account in a BTC casino of choice by entering the valid username and password. Go to the Withdraw tab.
  • Within this section, specify the address of your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Type in the desired amount of Bitcoins to be withdrawn from the casino.

Bitcoins Are Not Equal to Fiat Money

It may seem strange, but the majority of people think of Bitcoins as the usual (read, physical) money. In fact, it’s not for nothing that BTC is called virtual currency. It only exists digitally, moving from one wallet address to another. You will not see any physical document confirming that it’s a Bitcoin. (Isn’t that hilarious?)

Long story short, BTC exit virtually in the form of transaction records carried out by the numerous Bitcoin addresses. In case you seek to reconstruct the balance of a given BTC address, you will have to extract the data from the public ledger, named blockchain.

Benefits of Bitcoin Withdrawals from Online Casinos

Online gamblers of all hues can skim the cream of cashouts with Bitcoins. Just look at this list of benefits:

  • Lightning-fast transactions
  • Cheap transfers
  • No leakage of personal data
  • Privacy protection

Lightning-fast transactions

BTC can actually substitute some outdated payment options, such as bank transfers or checks. As you know, it usually takes a few days to withdraw money via a banking system due to the presence of numerous verification procedures. With BTC, you get your winnings in a blink of an eye!

Cheap transfers

In general, there are no withdrawal fees for Bitcoins; however, it depends on a virtual casino – some of them may charge you a small percentage fee.

No leakage of personal data

Honestly, this is the greatest upside Bitcoin offers when making online casino transactions. With credit or debit cards, for instance, you’re supposed to submit valid information about your card and yourself. But the Bitcoin withdrawals are completely different, as you reveal nothing about your identity – just the address of your wallet. In this way, your personally identifiable information is safeguarded.

Privacy protection

Every transaction you make with a credit card will appear on your bank statement. If you seek the ultimate way to make the transactions discreetly, Bitcoin is what you need. With this payment method, all which is known is your username and/or the wallet address.

Bottom Line

Beyond any doubt, Bitcoin is a secure and trustworthy method of transferring invisible coins to and from crypto casinos. The players’ personal data is safeguarded and kept private. Moreover, it’s possible to withdraw your winnings without any extra fees.

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