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Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2018

What’s basically a bitcoin faucet? The idea behind its creation is to enable every BTC enthusiast to experience the privilege of holding some coins in their digital wallets. It’s something similar to giving an allowance to those who have never done with money before. Remember your parents giving you some pocket-money when you were a teen? The concept is pretty much the same, with the exception of BTC being a digital currency that is neither printed on paper nor minted.

As a virtual coin, it works a bit differently than the fiat money we use on a daily basis. So, it’s always good to get hold of some BTC for free and put it to good use when exploring the Internet. There are a plethora of bitcoin faucets on the Web today; you might even be perplexed with the variety of options. In general, the number of virtual funds you can claim from a faucet varies from one site to another. The smallest amount you can expect is 10 Satoshis (0.0000001BTC), whereas the largest sum reaches 10,000 Satoshis (0.0001BTC), and that’s not even the limit. Bitcoins can be claimed once a minute or once a few hours, depending on the faucet.

Faucet scams: How to detect and avoid?

Some Bitcoin faucets are legit, while the others are nothing more but scams. However, it’s possible to check any faucet’s credibility; the ones with the low reputation are usually added to the scam alert lists. Except for that, beware of ‘faucet wallets’ and never invest anything in them because you will never be able to withdraw the invested amount. #1 red flag about these ‘faucets’ is the fact they actually ask you to deposit some coins in order to get some free coins afterward. Trustworthy wallets do not require any investment; you are rewarded for simply using their product.

Additionally, pay attention to the faucet’s withdrawal threshold before giving it a go; it may happen that there’s no way you can cash out your earnings until the tasks are completed. Another tip is to google the faucet’s name followed by the word “scam.” In case it is a scam, chances are someone has already reviewed it and written about it to let other people know. Monitor BTC-related forums and SM pages; there is always something useful to dig out.

Top BTC faucets overall

These days, bitcoin faucets are numerous but not all of them are equally rewarding. To help you get to grips with which are worth your time and which are not, we have done the legwork for you. Get familiar with our picking of the best bitcoin faucets on the Web. Please bear in mind that the landscape is ever-evolving, so the list might be updated from time to time. However, speaking about these faucets, you can stay sure they are legit.

  1. Milli

Along with the highest payouts ever, Milli also provides seniority bonuses and referral commissions for attracting new users. In addition to that, this faucet prides itself on an active comment section, where users can get support 24/7.

  1. Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin faucets commonly give you the chance to earn more coins per hour, but Bitcoin Aliens put its best foot forward. The paying averages here are the highest possible, you can expect up to 4,300 Satoshis per hour. The process of earning Satoshis is very enjoyable; you are supposed to kill aliens and get rewards for each killed one. Basically, you get paid for playing a game, isn’t that fun?

  1. Bonus Bitcoin

This spot encompasses a selection of nearly 20 different BTC faucets. Here, you won’t be kept waiting between the rounds; once you claimed Satoshis from a faucet, just move on to the next one. You can earn up to 40,000 Satoshis in one hour!

  1. BitcoinZebra

This veteran faucet wants you to feed the Zebra every few minutes. On top of that, it suggests a pretty generous referral program to its users.

  1. Bitcoinker

Launched as a twin faucet to BitcoinZebra, it has begun to remind of Milli. As to the perks, Bitcoinker can show off with relatively decent payouts, referral program, and seniority bonuses.

  1. Robot Coin

Another fun way to score some Satoshis is to destroy robots at Robot Coin. The amount of or reward increases as you progress; the tougher robots you destroy, the higher your payout is. If you are lucky to defeat the boss robot, you will get 1 million Satoshis. Good luck!

  1. Wonderland Coin

Every 20 minutes, this bitcoin faucet can give you up to 5,000 Satoshis. Nevertheless, we have to admit that this not a guaranteed amount to be given out, it’s rather the maximum payout sum. Feed the digital critters living in the Wonderland and put some Satoshis to your pocket.

  1. Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is one of the most reputed faucets on the Internet. The initial principle is simple – you just view ads, but the reward is totally worth it. Users are paid out thousands of Satoshis per hour! What’s even better, you can choose how often you get paid, which means your winnings will not be withheld by the website.

  1. Satoshi City

High referral bonus – that’s how we can characterize this faucet. Satoshi City promises you as little as 400 Satoshis every 10 minutes. Do you want to claim them? It’s easy – just solve a captcha.

  1. Satoshi Quiz

This is reportedly the best bitcoin faucet for the intellectuals, as it reminds of the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” You get rewarded each time you answer the question correctly. Don’t try to cheat by googling the answers – each question has a timer. If you are quiz-lover and adore lightning rounds, Satoshi Quiz is the right faucet for you.


Bitcoin faucet industry is changing on a daily basis. Beyond any doubt, there will be more of them in the coming months, so you should always keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to earn some BTC and Satoshis!

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