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Betting on Sports Made Easy with Bitcoin

Introduction of Bitcoin is certainly a crucial moment in the history of online gambling, and some sources claim that approximately half of BTC transactions are made in connection to online casinos. So, it’s safe to suggest that, with the usage of cryptocurrency, sports betting also amounts to a large percentage of these transfers, and no wonder.

If you have not already joined the ranks of Bitcoin owners, placing wagers on sports is probably the greatest opportunity to earn this sought-after digital money. Unlike Bitcoin miners who have to invest in the creation of cryptocurrency farms by buying graphic cards and maintaining their operation, all that’s required of you is being good at predicting matches outcomes. However, even that is not necessary due to some methods, which are not difficult to get the hang of.

The Rise of Bitcoin Betting

Bitcoin is the first example of digital money that became recognized and popular for its reliability. Due to the usage of the blockchain technology, the currency allows fast and secure transactions, taking place without any central authority and not being subject to governmental regulation. This allows Bitcoin users to send and receive payments anonymously, and that is not something you can do when using a fiat currency based sports betting site. There, withdrawal and even registration are only possible once you fill in various forms and provide your personal details.

Bitcoin transactions are confirmed by other blockchain users who dedicate some of their computers’ capacities to this task in exchange for a small BTC reward. This allows almost instant transactions, and there’s no need to contact any banks or submit any additional documents for that.

The BTC Betting Supremacy

Now, let’s speak about other specific features of Bitcoin which make it a perfect currency for sports betting. Because the transaction fees are extremely low, Bitcoin sportsbooks don’t have to spend the amounts of money regular betting sites do on processing payments. Hence, the site users also get to pay very low or no fees at all. And a sportsbook is able to offer much better odds, as well as various special offers and bonuses. While this does not necessarily mean that any cryptocurrency sportsbook will have better bonus package than some well-established fiat-based gambling sites, you still get competitive odds, hassle-free transactions, and a chance to win Bitcoin, which tends to rise in price occasionally and can be a great source of income itself.

Where to Go for Bitcoin Sports Betting

The advantages of Bitcoin for sports betting are obvious and indisputable. The next step would be choosing a sportsbook to play at, or even a few, so that you can use various bonus offers they have and place a current bet based on which of your chosen sites offers better odds.

Luckily for newcomers, there are some review aggregators and sites like ours that made it their mission to visit various gambling sites and rate them based on different criteria. So, the easiest thing to narrow your search would be to check the list and pick the highest rated sportsbooks. Reading a review should tell you all you need to know, and taking an additional quick look at the site should help you figure out whether it’s got what you’re looking for.

We did our best examining the sites and informing you about available options, but from this point, it’s up to you to make a choice. No one knows your preferences better than you do, but we are more than sure that you will enjoy Bitcoin betting.

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