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Binary Options with Binomo

The modern world provides many opportunities for moneymaking through the Internet, and this has been successfully used by millions of people around the world. They make money at any time convenient for them, and they can do it from almost any place in the world, because all what’s required is a connection to the WWW. You don’t need to go to the office every day, be afraid to be late, stand in traffic jams. You don’t need to ask the boss if you need to leave somewhere earlier. Only the Internet and a laptop or even a smartphone! This is all you need to make money and not to depend on anyone. Even while traveling to a vacation spot, you can not interrupt your occupation and work quietly in a train, for example.

There are many different ways to earn money remotely, by using WWW. Get to know them and decide what is more suitable for you. Of course, some methods require special knowledge, while others do not allow you to earn a lot of money, but still you should like the chosen occupation.

A very interesting and even gambling way is making money through binary options.

A binary option is a contract, the subject of which is a forecast of the direction of the price of an asset in a selected period of time. A trader’s task is to correctly determine one of two likely options for the development of the market situation: rising or falling of the asset. The validity of the contract is limited by the time of its expiration (closing, expiration). The modern market gives a diverse variety of digital options on currencies, stocks and commodities. In the long run, everything can be an asset here, even a weather forecast!

So, if you opted for binary options trading, be sure to turn your eyes to the Binomo platform. This service with the same level of seriousness applies to transactions conducted by VIP-traders investing significant amounts of money, as well as to operations of inexperienced beginners who are in no hurry to operate with large sums of money. This is why Binomo is more attractive than other well-known trading platforms. To start trading, you need to spend very little effort, and a return per trade is up to 90%. Let’s get it started!

Plenty of advantages of Binomo and its amazing features make this service the excellent choice for traders of any kind and skill level.

After reading this review, even a person who has never herd about binary options trading, gets all necessary information.

Trading Platform

As Binary Options focused service, Binomo offers convenient and efficient tools to trade at any level and with any assets.

Leaving limited SpotOption terminal used initially, and its package solutions, the service moved to a patented design as far it’s ideal for online trading from anywhere in the world.

New high-quality features are constantly added to the platform, and in case of detecting errors and bugs eliminating of the latter goes immediately.

Among the smart features that the Binomo platform has, there are 20 different graphical tools that make it easy to analyze charts, and the ability to use keyboard shortcuts and independent tabs while working with charts. Binomo platform can boast some smart features consisting of 20 different graphical tools capable of analyzing charts, as well as the ability to use keyboard hotkeys and independent tabs used when dealing with charts.

The market alternatives are inferior to Binomo, since the service has fast refresh rates and economic calendar, which makes work much more convenient. A trader can perform the operation with just one click, without confirmation. Plenty of scalabilities are also big advantage. Thus, it becomes clear that the performance of Binomo is at the highest level.

While quite a lot of trading platforms face problems with supporting daily tournaments, Binomo gets along with it greatly and without any difficulties.

The versatility of the service and its high-quality design make the work of the trader easy and enjoyable. For successful trading the user is provided with many excellent tools and technologies. Of course, with Binomo it is very convenient to work on slick mobile platforms.


Binomo trader has over 50 assets at his disposal. In addition, the service works with several markets, so its customers get a wide choice and can work at any time convenient for them.

Such a wide range, which other specialized platforms cannot boast of, gives traders unlimited opportunities. Customers who want to experiment with different assets and work in different markets get all tools they need.

Only High/Low trading contracts are offered, but there are so many assets that a trader can work with, that clients have no restrictions.

For example, Binomo offers the following options:

  • Commodities like precious metals or oil.
  • Stocks from well liked companies like BMW for example.
  • Popular currency pairs.
  • Indices like CAC40.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Commodity pairs e.g. black pepper/cumin.

Other trading platforms have a limited choice of standard products and currency pairs, unlike what Binomo offers. Binomo trader has a wide range of options and assets, which means that it is able to perform a wider range of tasks, all the more so when it’s about currency pairs and securities.

With cryptocurrency things are modest — Binomo proposes to make transactions only with Bitcoin, Litecoin and CRYPTO IDX.

Spreads & Commission

Binomo doesn’t charge for the provision of its services, while for most platforms operating in the same field, this is in order. This is another huge advantage of this service.

If successful in completing a transaction, the trader does not transfer anything to the platform. Binomo receives its commission when a trader fails.

This is attractive to all customers, but for those who trade at high levels, doubly.

VIP customers can count on additional payments, as a rule, this is 87-100%. Beginners are attracted by the lack of commissions and the low cost required to start trading.


Binomo offers no leverage. However, this is not offered by most other the service-like platforms.

However, Binomo has many other advantages, thanks to which the novice trader will quickly understand how he should trade.

Mobile applications

Binomo’s mobile apps for iOS and Android come in addition to the mobile adaptive platform for the desktop version.

A push notification will instantly notify the trader of changes in current transactions or inform him of new promotions that are currently available. Both these notifications and high-quality applications of the service make Binomo convenient for those who are not sitting at the computer, but are working on the go in the literal sense of the word.

A deeper analysis still requires the Desktop platform, taking into account the smallest details, but the application allows continuous monitoring, and the trader receives information about any changes anywhere and anytime.

The application and the desktop are interconnected, switching between them is easy.

Payment Methods

Withdrawing earned funds is very simple. An international customer base is served, and therefore more funds are available than the national average.

Many international payment systems are supported. Familiar MasterCard or VISA can certainly be used. It is recommended to start bidding with $500 on the balance. This amount can be increased up to 100% if you are lucky with current promotions and available bonuses.

The minimum required deposit is $10 by the way.

Demo Account

A cohesive and accessible demo account is available just after entering an email address.

As soon as a client finished registration he gets 1000 virtual bucks, and those who want to know more about the platform work can get even more money.

To get trading experience one has not have a deal with the live markets because the demo account shows full functionality of the service.

Promotions and deals

Binomo constantly offers new promotions. Probably, the customer’s account will be replenished with additional funds, or maybe it will be a profitable subscription to stocks.

Unfortunately, such offers are not provided for traders from the EU, but in South Africa and Brazil some promotions are available.

New offers arrive daily, so it’s best to keep an eye on the latest Binomo products in order to have a chance to get the best deal. A beginner who has started trading with a balance of $500 can expect additional support and training with a personal manager. Thanks to this, the trader is more likely to understand how to work with binary options and get good profit from it.

Licensing and Regulation

Binomo is a member of the International Finance Commission and has category A, but it is still unregulated.

Additional Features

Additional platform features are very helpful to traders. We are talking about analytical and graphical tools or a built-in economic calendar, for example, which can be configured as needed.

Every additions placed into Binomo’s proprietary browser platform are of the highest quality, and new options are regularly added in free updates.

Account Types

In line with other trading services in the area, the service provides three individual tiers of accounts to their clients, based on their funding level within the accounts.

These account statuses do not require additional payments or registration. Let us not ignore the fact that deposit limits are based on financing over time, and not on individual investments, which makes achieving a VIP account level much easier.

Three offered account types of Binomo:

  • Standard: $10 min. fund. Provides access to every feature and to tournaments.
  • Gold: $500 min. fund. Provides faster withdrawals and trading strategies, allows you to get help of a personal manager.
  • VIP: $1000 min. fund. Fully personalized services and all possible privileges.

Each account is suitable for certain tasks, so the trader does not feel discomfort when trading at his level. Customers get almost all the benefits of having a standard account. But the levels that above provide, of course, a few more options.


For traders who tend to work with Binomo platform, it’s worth to know the following:

  • Not expensive starting.
  • A fully kitted-out demo account.
  • Convenient multilevel system of the account.
  • Well design and high-end functionality.
  • Reliable withdrawals that can be obtained on different systems.
  • Tournaments and promotions.
  • Focus on growing markets in India, Brazil and Indonesia.


Many good words have been said about Binomo. They are all true. However, the service also has disadvantages:

  • Few cryptocurrencies to trade with.
  • No recognized regulator.
  • Only browser and app availability, with no desktop software.
  • Signals, insights and social trading are out of game.

Company Details

Binomo was founded in 2014. Now it is managed by Dolphin Corporation, registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Binomo claims to be a “customer oriented” service. This is confirmed by its CROFR certificate, and continuous success in the industry too.

5 Powerful Tips

The following five recommendations will help in trading not only with Binomo, but with other binary platforms too:

  1. Trade Size – Use just 2-5% of your balance while a single operation to not lose a lot of money.
  2. Specialize – Become an expert in several markets. Knowing the details and trends will allow you to make profitable trades.
  3. Trade Only With Money You Can Lose – Use part of your money just for trading. Losing of this sum should not ruin your budget. You are to pay day-to-day bills without it.
  4. Use The Demo Account – Use the demo account to improve and test new strategies. This way save you from money loss.
  5. Be Disciplined – Keep records of your trades and stay calm when committed them. Don’t lose self-control in case of losing.

Trading Hours

You can trade with Binomo around the clock. But you need to know that tournaments are held at certain times. In addition, some functions are available only at certain time too.

Contact Details / Customer Support

If a trader has a question, he can contact Binomo support in real time. Chat works only during certain hours, but you can always use social networks or just send an e-mail to [email protected]

The full address of Binomo:

Dolphin Corp

First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd

James Street


St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Registration number: 25151 IBC 2018

Safety and Security

Binomo cares about the safety of its customers. The service uses its own platform designed to encrypt customer data. Secure payment methods are used to deposit and withdraw funds. Binomo ensures that your money is safe.

Binomo claims that amounts of up to $20,000 are protected from fraud, and encryption and data security is ensured by SSL. Such transparency and excellent security provides the platform with popularity among traders and gives advantages over competitors.

Overall Verdict

Binomo trading platform treats its customers with a high extent of responsibility, provides them with a high level of service and supports them. The low cost of services attracts many newcomers to the binary options trading industry, which is beneficial for both them and Binomo. With open arms the service meets absolutely all traders, not just the experienced players.

Binomo suits everyone! This is ideal solution for those who are just starting to try themselves in the field of trading with binary options and for those who have already gained some experience on other platforms but decided to give preference to Binomo since the advantages of this service are tremendous!

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