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Binomo Analysis & Assessment

Binomo Analysis & Assessment

Bitcoin, Litecoin, CRYPTO IDX, others, Fiat currency pairs (GBP/USD AUD/USD and others)

Features: A wealth of high-end analytical tools as well as quality-of-life features. Inbuilt Economic Calendar. Cross-platform coverage. A broad range of assets as indices, popular stocks and commodities (silver and gold). Up to 90% returns per trade. Bonus: $1,000.
Withdrawal & Fees: The minimum deposite possible is $10. The recommended starting balance is $500. Widespread payment ways (VISA, MasterCard), credit cards. No fees charged.

Why are beginner stock traders frequently discouraged? Manual trading might come with a bit of anxiety, but there is an alternative that eliminates the unpredictable factor – automated trading platforms and exchanges. That is exactly why they select such exchanges as Binomo. In fact, utilizing relevant trading techniques and using a holistic approach makes the likelihood of profitable trades go through the roof. Since the success of automated exchanges depends on the veracity of predictions, many traders end up choosing it as the most suitable solution. Given that algorithmic trading is a critical element of the exchange process, traders do not have to be concerned about the analysis or key performance indicators. Instead, they get to enjoy the advantages of trading with automated systems. However, traders often face a single issue, which is a complex decision-making process. Today, trading keeps gaining traction and becoming more appealing. The diversity of platforms makes it challenging to choose the best one. Therefore, to do a proper evaluation, traders tend to place their confidence in reviews and rankings.

While some of the risks are typical of online trading, some can be eliminated by the algorithmic nature of automated systems. Besides, the industry keeps enhancing the positive image by introducing new features and gaining the respect of trading enthusiasts worldwide. Apart from that, some of the platforms make every effort to improve risk management systems and, as a result, offer well-protected data storage and service. Naturally, automated trading has its risings and falls, but it remains a generally desired technology. Therefore, the crypto market has a lot to offer. We carefully tested and reviewed the software to help all the aspiring traders making up their minds about the best platform.

The Binomo Service Overview

Today, the vast majority of the entertainment and media outlets are blockchain-based. Therefore, traders are seriously stressed about the risks that are associated with online payments. It also applies to brokerage services like Binomo. For instance, the platform provides an additional security guarantee, ensuring the safety of trading operations and focusing on transparency.

The company has been operating for six years now, and it managed not only to meet the requirements of traders but also to build trust and attract the attention of investors. Moreover, the company offers a large selection of assets like currency pairs, indices, and so on. It is renowned around the world for the analytical services and, as a result, regularly receives awards from the trading experts. Considering that the primary goal the platform strives to achieve is to become the most user-friendly, practical, and particularly tailored to any trading needs.

To guarantee the objective analysis, we went through all the features and examined all the specifics of the platform. Consequently, we firmly believe that it poses no threat to the trading community.

Comprehensive Information on the Platform

  1. It is easy to sign up, and the platform allows users to access their accounts right away.
  2. The system offers systematic trading notifications.
  3. The platform operation is not only adaptive but also responsive.
  4. Client support offers a premium quality service.
  5. It is not necessary to have prior trading experience.
  6. The system offers two trading modes with the automated trades being a real time saver.
  7. The platform is dedicated to protecting personal and trading data.

Core Features

  • Considering that the company is the IFC member, it guarantees the safety of individual information and funds. Besides, it created a compensation fund that is available to traders suffering from illegal activities.
  • The system requires no substantial investments. In fact, it has a very low deposit requirement. Therefore, traders can start with depositing only $10. This fact helps the system remain accessible to aspiring traders and experts.
  • Learning programs. To make the process comprehensible to traders, the platform provides professional tutorials in addition to creating suitable conditions for the trading operations. Traders can effortlessly obtain essential information on working with indicators or using trading strategies in the training section of the official website.

When compared with other platforms, it is safe to say that this trader stands out thanks to its customization capacity. The system was created by the team of financial analysts, which explains why its technical specifications comply with the requirements of users. Otherwise stated, customization dramatically simplifies the process of trading. For example, such features as color, multi-charting, or oscillators significantly enhance the thoroughness of chart reading. Moreover, traders are able to choose time frames that determine the expiration period.

Another factor contributing to the success of the platform is client support, which is available at all times and provides professional services aimed at enhancing the functionality and loyalty of traders.

Signing Up

As for signing up, it has certain benefits. We found out that after you complete the registration, the platform gives $1,000 for you to spend on test trades. Any trader can do it with the help of a demo account. Considering that every registered trader has access to these free accounts, the platform allows unlimited practicing. In other words, test trading will not be stopped or limited by the system at any stage regardless of the account type.

When testing the system, we were genuinely impressed by the speed of the enrollment process. First, there is no registration fee. This way, the platform remains accessible to all types of traders. Second, filling out the form takes a couple of minutes, and the system requires no other information from users. Third, traders need to make a minimum deposit to start working with the platform. Besides, when you get access to the trading account, you can start with live or demo sessions depending on your experience and preferences. However, users should remember that loss is an essential part of online trading.

As we noted earlier, the platform is focusing on trust-based relations with its users. Therefore, it handles all the complex issues or fraud-related problems to keep risk management and data protection on the highest level possible.

Trading Specifications

Minimum deposit threshold: $10

Minimum trade cost: $1

Account categories: Free, Standard, Gold, VIP

VIP account acquisition: accessible after a $1,000 deposit

Payout types:

Free accounts offer 18 assets for trading and a limited withdrawal

Standard accounts offer up to 85% success rate with 14 assets available

Gold accounts offer up to 86% success rate with 42 assets and a 90% Binomo bonus

VIP accounts offer up to 92% success rate with 49 assets and a personal consultant

Forms of Payment and Withdrawal Requests

Concerning withdrawals and deposits, the system offers multiple options to please any trader. Platform users can choose from a long list of payment methods: from Bitcoin wallets to Neteller, Qiwi, or MasterCard.

Typically, the withdrawal processing time takes up to three business days. Naturally, the platform aims to be efficient and process all the financial operations within set limits. However, time limits differ depending on the account type. For example, VIP clients benefit from shorter waiting times, i. e. up to 24 hours.

Benefits of Trading With this Exchange

  • Infinite Access

Traders can download and use the software free of charge. The software has no hidden fees, and traders remain the owners of all the invested funds.

  • Availability

When compared to other systems, it keeps the process effortless with no need to install or upgrade the system.

  • Simple to Operate

Fast registration, along with an intuitive interface of this brokering service, transform trading into a delightful process.Fast Approval

Considering the fact that the broker sped up the authorization process, the platform saves a lot of time and money for the sake of users.

Is the Platform a Scam?

Given that the system is not only legal but also regulated, we are assured that there are no scam schemes in play. On the contrary, the system offers a perceptual experience and appropriate conditions to ensure profitable trades. For example, the platform will not charge you extra or change the deposit requirements at the last minute. Moreover, it ensures high ROI, hefty prize funds with systematically held contests, long and fast-term trading operations. Consequently, the online exchange frequently demonstrated its proficiency and reliability.


What is the amount of initial investment for traders to start live sessions?

First of all, traders need to remember that there are no registration fees. Moreover, to start live sessions, users need to register, i. e. fill out the registration form available on the website, and make a deposit. The minimum investment is $10.


Does the online exchange have withdrawal limits?

Withdrawal limits depend on the type of trading account. Detailed information is available in the relevant section of the official website.


What are the withdrawal terms?

There is a long list of withdrawal methods the platform offers. Traders can use credit cards or online wallets for this purpose.


How long does the platform process withdrawal requests?

Time limits differ for different account holders. For VIP clients, for example, it takes around 24 hours to process the request.


How safe is it to invest with this trading platform?

There is no need to worry about the funds. The platform keeps all the information encrypted, ensuring secure brokering services.



Despite the fact that there are countless pros and cons of trading with the platform, aspiring and expert traders opt to be enrolled with it. Aside from free testing operations, educational information, and free software, the platform manages to provide high yielding solutions and ensures high-level security.

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