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Online casinos offer a lot of opportunities to win some Bitcoins. However, if you do not want to contribute too much time to playing slots and are not sure that your poker skills will help you win in high-stakes tournaments, a lottery is probably the best choice for you to win a fortune. An argument against it can be the fact that you have to rely on luck rather than skills heavily. That’s why gambling sites introduce a lot of variations of a lottery, and in some of those, the winning depends more on the player than in others.

Another problem with lotteries is that people often don’t trust them. They have no idea how the lucky winner is chosen, and whether the whole process is not some kind of an elaborate set-up to make unsuspecting folk buy lots of tickets in hopes of increasing their chances to win huge jackpots. Bitcoin lotteries seem much more attractive because they are trustworthy. They rely exclusively on the latest blockchain technologies to mathematically produce the lucky numbers. The lottery operation is defined by the cryptographic algorithms, which are available for inspection at any time, making the system trustworthy and provably fair.

Bitcoin also adds to the attractiveness of these lotteries, since you can play anonymously, without even registering at the casino website, and there are no limitations regarding the player’s country of residence. Besides, the transactions are instantaneous, and the fees are lower than for fiat money.

Read on to find out about the top 10 Bitcoin lottery sites, which run exclusively on the newest blockchain technologies and offer a scam-free experience with an opportunity to win a fortune in cryptocurrency.

Top 10 Bitcoin Lotteries

1. Live Lottery Game at BitStarz

Playing lottery at BitStarz casino requires the users to guess the drawing outcome, particularly 6 balls out 49. Betting is done using the “line” principle. You can bet on colors, number, or sums. Being streamed in real time, the games also feature a live dealer, and the balls drop at an interval of 4 minutes. BitStarz is a distinguished name in the online gambling industry and does its best to provide the perfect playing conditions for its visitors.

2. Monthly vegaslotto and weekly raffles at

VegasCasino holds its own custom lotteries, allowing players to win some sweet Bitcoin money.

Those who want to be involved in the game can play lotto-like lotteries, which require participants to guess the numbers that will be later automatically chosen by the game’s algorithm. However, if you prefer to simply purchase a ticket and wait for the results, there is a number of raffles just for you. And if you chose to join VegasCasino’s VIP club, you will be offered a great selection of exclusive lotteries.

3. Live lottery games at Cloudbet

Here you will find lottery games streamed in real time. The regular lottery is fitted with betting options in Cloudbet’s game “Pick 6”, where players are required to choose 6 balls out of the available 49. You can also bet on numbers, colors, and sums, increasing your chances to win and enjoying the thrill of the game even more. Everything is fair and happening live. Lottery lovers will also be glad to see a wide selection of Keno variations, including Traditional Keno, Keno 40 Ball, Keno 80 Ball, Live Keno, and others.

4. Lottery games at Mbit casino

Mbit casino visitors are offered a total of 8 games in the lottery category. Ace, Bonus Keno, Lucky Double, Triple Wins, 7 Gold Scratch, and Triple Wins Star Tickets are provided by the online gambling gamechanger Netent, and another notable game developer, Quickfire, brings Keno and Monkey Keno to the table. All of the provided games, as one would expect, are provably fair, and the outcome is not predetermined or rigged in any way. There are a few price options of how the games can be played, determining the maximum amount of money that can be won.

5. Live Lottery Games at FortuneJack

FortuneJack was the first online casino to offer provably fair Keno with Bitcoin accepted for this game. The variation featured on this gambling website has 80 balls in a barrel, out of which 20 numbered balls are drawn. Winning requires successfully predicting a certain portion of the numbers drawn.

6. Live Lotto at Bitcasino

Bitcasino’s live lotto takes place every five minutes on daily basis. Every session is issued an individual number and is streamed in real time. There are two variations of this game, “Lucky 5” and “Lucky 7”, which require guessing 5 numbers out of 36 that will be drawn, and 7 numbers out of 42, respectively. There is a short period of time to make your bet before the start of the next session.

7. Satoshi Lottery

This site offers a simple lottery game with the results presented every day. There is a simple sign-up process requiring you to provide your email. After this quick step is done, you are ready to buy a ticket with 5 numbers from 1 to 24. If you are lucky enough, and all of the 5 numbers on your ticket match the ones that are drawn, you will win as much as 1.7 Bitcoin, which is a good deal considering the ticket price is 0.00025 Bitcoin. If only 2 or 3 numbers match the drawn ones, you get free tickets. Needless to say, Satoshi lottery’s algorithms can be checked by anyone who wants to make sure everything is fair.


YABTCL (Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery) drawing takes place 3 times a week. There are 67 numbers in total, and 6 of them are selected. Tickets range in price and the chances to win, as the cheapest tickets cost only 0.001 Bitcoin and contain 6 numbers, while the most expensive ones have 16 numbers. To win a prize, as little as 2 numbers have to match the drawn ones, and for more numbers, you get larger prizes. If all 6 of the drawn numbers can be found on your ticket, you win a solid sum of money in Bitcoin.

9. Lotto at Crypto-Games

Crypto-Games is another online casino that offers a simple lottery, that doesn’t take much time to play since all you need to do is buy a ticket and wait for the results, which are determined and announced on Wednesdays. The tickets cost only 0.0001 Bitcoin, so you can buy more to increase your chances since there will be 3 winners. 1.5% of the prize pool raised the money from selling tickets is claimed by the casino for their services, and the rest is shared between the lucky victors.

10. Bitcoin Raffle at Satoshisplit

Playing lottery at Satoshisplit does not even require registration. The process is very simple and offers the top winner a chance to get 80% of the accumulated prize pool. To prove the fairness of the drawing, a video of the results is streamed on the website. The prizes are in Bitcoin, and transactions are instant.

We didn’t want to limit your options by only 10 websites, so here are a couple of additional online Bitcoin lotteries:

Scratcherz at BETCHAN

This is a fun game with 4 types of scratch cards, varying in price and available numbers. In order to win, at least one of your numbers has to match the cash number.

Free Lottery at YABTCL

You may be surprised, but there are free online lotteries, where you can win some Bitcoin without even buying a ticket! Try the Free lottery tab at an already familiar YABTCL. The players are given 3 free tickets every day. Winning requires hitting 2-6 numbers on your ticket. It is stated that the winnings will be transferred to your address once their total amount will reach 0.0001 Bitcoin.

As you can see, there are various types of Bitcoin lotteries available online. There are games that require nothing more than buying a ticket, as well as those that have some betting options incorporated into them. Gambling sites do their best to introduce more and more opportunities for lottery enthusiasts, even offering free lotteries. Whether you are looking for drawings to happen every 5 minutes or once a week, offering you much more impressive prizes, you will have no problem finding them at one of these sites. Be sure to check them out and see which of these fortune-promising games you like the best.

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