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The world of the crypto casino is so diverse that you can find anything, from traditional games to innovative options. No matter how fast the gambling world expands, there is still a place for ‘retro’ games that are fancied worldwide. A lottery is one of a kind. Ever since bitcoin hit the industry, the bitcoin lottery appeared on the stage with its improved gaming process, graphics, and unique approach.

What’s behind the bitcoin lottery?

The majority knows Powerball, the famous US lottery game in which a player randomly chooses 5 numbers from 1 to 69 for the white balls and then one number from 1 to 26 for the red Powerball. After the draw, a player with the matching numbers wins a prize.

A bitcoin lottery works the same way, only it provides better odds. A player chooses six numbers from 1 to 49, which give a 1-in-7 chance of winning a jackpot. This is why a new bitcoin lottery is so much popular than its ancestor. Other than that, a user benefits from using cryptocurrency because it guarantees anonymity, transparency, and security. The high-end blockchain-based software is implemented to mathematically generate the winning combinations and verify the fairness of the drawn results. Thus, it ensures that the lottery is fair. What’s more, the participants don’t necessarily need to register an account to play. You will need only to have a bitcoin wallet address. Should you win in the draw, the prize is automatically sent to the specified wallet without delays because all crypto transactions happen almost instantly.

The best places to play bitcoin lottery

1. BitStarz Live Lottery

BitStarz is a well-established crypto casino with a live version of an online lottery that you can play using bitcoins. Participants guess the draw results by selecting 6 out of 49 balls. The gaming process uses the line principle. Players bet on numbers, colors, or sums in real time. There is a live dealer in the game, and the balls are dropped every 4 minutes. The results are known immediately once the last ball is drawn.

2. CloudBet Live Lottery Games

At CloudBet, you will find original lotteries in their live version. The main lottery uses the “pick 6” principle, where a player randomly selects 6 balls out of 49. It is possible to bet on colors, numbers, or sums, and in this way, improve winning chances and enjoy the enticing gaming process. The lotteries are fair because they run on the latest software, and all results are shown in real time. Lottery fans will be pleased to see diverse Keno options like Traditional Keno, Live Keno, Keno 40 Ball, Keno 80 Ball, and some others.

3. BitCasino Live Lotto

Live Lotto at BitCasino runs daily with a 5-minute interval. All sessions happen in real time and there is a personal number issued. The game is presented in two variations: Lucky 5 and Lucky 7, where a player must guess 5 numbers drawn out of 36, and 7 numbers drawn out of 42, accordingly. When taking part in the lottery, you don’t have much time for hesitation and should make your guess before the session start. And this is what makes this game so thrilling.

4. FortuneJack Live Lottery

This crypto casino was one of the first to introduce a provably fair Keno that accepts bitcoin as the main currency. The game is quite simple because players set their own winning odds. This version of Keno is played by guessing 20 balls out of 80 in one barrel. A player should predict a specific portion of the drawn outcome. If you gain a perfect match, you win bitcoins.

5. Mbit Casino Lottery

On Mbit casino website, you can try 8 different lottery games. The category includes Bonus Keno, Ace, Lucky Double, 7 Gold Scratch, Triple Wins, Triple Wins Star Tickets, Keno, and Monkey Keno – the games are developed by Netent and Quickfire, which both are reputable gambling providers. All served variations of a bitcoin lottery are provably fair and the result can’t be rigged or predetermined. A player can specify the price option of the played game, which then determines the maximum winning sum of money.

6. Crypto-games Lotto

This gambling site offers another simple online lottery. It takes little time for the draw because a player just needs to buy a lottery ticket and wait for the automatically generated result, which is usually announced every Wednesday. The price of a ticket is only 0.0001 BTC, and players can buy as many tickets as they want to improve their chances. In total, there are 3 winners determined. 1.5% of the prize pool that is raised from the selling tickets goes to the casino. The rest of the prize is shared between winners.

7. Satoshi Lottery

This website provides an easy-to-play lottery game that announces results on a daily basis. To become a participant, you should register with your email address. Once you complete this one-step sign-up process, you can purchase a lottery ticket with 5 randomly-picked numbers from 1 to 24. If these 5 numbers match with a drawn result, you can win up to 1.7 BTC. Considering that the ticket price is only 0.00025 BTC, the winning sum is a good deal. In case you have 2 or 3 numbers that match the outcome, you will be rewarded with a free ticket.


YABTCL stands for Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery that runs 3 times during a week. A player guesses 6 numbers out of 67 that are drawn. The price of a ticket varies as well as the chances to win. The cheapest ticket costs 0.001 BTC and has 6 numbers in it. The most expensive ticket contains 16 numbers that give you more chances to win the lucky prize. If you have at least 2 matching numbers with the drawn ones, you can win a prize share. The more winning numbers you have in a ticker, the larger the bitcoin sum of your winning.

9. Satoshisplit Bitcoin Raffle

A good thing about this lottery is that it doesn’t require registration. The game process is simplified and players get a chance to win 80% of the prize pool. The fairness of the drawn outcome is verified with a streaming video on their website. The lucky winners receive their bitcoin prize almost instantly to their wallets.

10. Lottery

The platform gains more and more popularity with its weekly raffles, in which participants can become winners as per a ticket and win any of the rewarded prizes. The raffles work as a lottery and take place weekly. The winning chances here are high, so users actively buy tickets. There are two kinds of a bitcoin lottery: lotto-type lottery and raffle type. In the first one, you select the numbers, which then match to the drawn ones generated by the system. For the raffle, a player buys a ticket and that’s it. No other action to perform, you just wait for the results.

These are just the most popular suggestion of a bitcoin lottery. Of course, you will find more variations available online so as a lottery enthusiast you get plenty of choices to try your luck on a daily basis. Not all bitcoin lotteries require registration. There are places that let you test your winning chances for free. Whether you want to experience a thrilling game or win some coins, bitcoin lottery can bring you a lot of fun.

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