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Bitcoin Lottery casino review 2018

Bitcoin Lottery casino review 2018


1Games: Free Bitcoin Lottery
Features: the prize is raised until it's claimed
Withdrawal & Fees: No fees, reward via the "Claim Prize" button


Among the numerous gambling sites, Bitcoin casinos, and slot sites with flashy design and sizeable games catalogs there are also those with only about a dozen casino options and much more simplistic design. They all have their pros and cons, and everyone will find what they are looking for. And then, there is a Bitcoin Lottery site, which can be easily overlooked even by the most undemanding gamblers. It hardly has any design at all, and there is only one game available. The name gives it away – it’s a lottery. If you are wondering why we would even review such site, there are two answers: it’s free, and it offers a chance to win some Bitcoin. So, in a way, a small gambling site can be more attractive to some users than popular bc casinos with high casino ratings. You will not likely win a fortune here, but if you are reluctant to spend any of your own money on betting online, you can use this cash to make a deposit at a larger blockchain casino of your choice.


If you are looking for a place to get some free cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Lottery site may be the place for you. There is not much information we could get about it. Everything you need to know is right there, on the main page. This is not some crypto casino you may be used to, yet it does provide you with an opportunity to get some free Bitcoin. That is not something even blockchain casinos with the highest ranks can offer. There are no guarantees you will win – this is a lottery, after all. However, since you do not have to deposit any money or invest any significant amount of time into it, it’s hard to complain.

The only actions required of the participants are to sign up and visit the site on a daily basis to check the results, as the drawing of the lucky winner takes place every day. If that happens to be you, just claim the prize and the site administration will transfer your reward in the shortest time possible. Should you fail to do so within the specified period, the winnings roll over to the next day, so that the next jackpot will be bigger.

At the time of writing this review, the main page showed that the top claimed prize constituted 0.0935 BTC, and the total amount of Bitcoins won was 0.6370. There are about 24 thousand registered users, so the probability of winning is not very high. However, considering that the draw happens every day, there still a good chance to claim the prize. Also, according to the list of winners, there are many unclaimed prizes. It may be so, that most users have given up and the amount of active participants is much lower than that of the registered ones.


Bitcoin Lottery is not your typical slot site. You will not find any classic table games here like poker, roulette, dice, etc. There is only one game here, and it’s a lottery. Still, you would think the site owners could provide any additional options to entertain their visitors. They could have added some slots, or even a sportsbook, thus making the Bitcoin Lottery site more attractive for the users, and more profitable for them. However, it seems that the administration is satisfied with the site as is, and they definitely have a different goal then creating a Bitcoin casino that would receive the highest casino rating.

So, how do you play? All that is required of you is to complete a quick and simple registration process and wait for the results. There are no further actions expected from the visitors unless they win the daily prize. The lucky address will be determined randomly, and after that, the winner has to claim his money. If he fails to do so within 24 hours, the prize fund increases and moves to the next round. The winnings can be claimed by visiting the site and pressing the button “Claim the prize”. The participants have to monitor the results by visiting the site every day, and if they recognize the winning address as their own, they have to request the money before the next draw takes place.

Unless the prize fund is claimed by the winner, it keeps increasing until reaching the specified limit. When it gets to the highest level, the jackpot returns to zero, and the lottery starts over.


In order to participate in the lottery, you first need to sign up. This process should take less than a minute since all you are asked to do is enter your email and the Bitcoin address. Once those two fields are filled, you will receive an email for confirmation. After that, you are pretty much done. Your Bitcoin address will be added to the draw, all you need to do is be on the lookout for the results.

Although there are no apps for iOS or Android – there is not much sense in having them for this lottery – the site is compatible with mobile devices. Everything is adjusted to fit the screen of your mobile phone, so that you can check the results on the go, without having to turn on your desktop or laptop.

Considering that participation is completely free, one would start wondering where the prize money come from and what is the whole point of this site. There is a Bitcoin wallet address for donations in case anyone wants to support the website and help increase the jackpot. In our opinion, that is a rather weird idea, since almost everyone who comes to Bitcoin Lottery do so to win some money, not to contribute to the prize fund. That surely can’t be the source of funding the lottery.

As stated on the main page, the money come from advertisement placed on the site. The administration is also open to negotiation should you want to place an ad on the Bitcoin Lottery site yourself. This makes sense and explains the sole purpose of the resource.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

If promotions, bonus codes, and VIP programs are what makes you stay on certain crypto casino sites, this one is not what you are looking for. Bitcoin Lottery site is plain and simple. It’s free, and that is the main bonus. Besides the hope to win the jackpot, there is nothing else to convince the visitors to come back for more.


While the best 2018 bc casinos tend to ensure their clients that all provided games are provably fair and have the whole pages dedicated to licensing and proofs of fairness of their slots outcomes, Bitcoin Lottery has nothing like that. It is stated that the winner is picked at random; however, there are no videos of the process or any links leading to the randomizer sites. We could say that this is not a big issue for a lottery that is completely free. After all, it’s not like you lose any money. Still, some kind of proof would be nice.

One thing that we found suspicious is the number of unclaimed prizes. According to the list, there are a lot of them. However, this can be explained by the daily nature of the lottery. It seems the first draw was made back in 2015, so by 2018 many of the users could have gotten tired of checking the site every day and not seeing their address as the winning one. Besides, a 24-hour window for claiming the prize is pretty narrow and easy to miss.

There is also feedback from lucky winners on the Reviews page. We are not entirely sure whether those can be trusted, but at least they all have links to transactions details, so that can serve as some kind of proof.

Privacy & Policy

There are not many rules to know before signing up at Bitcoin Lottery. First of all, all participants must be over 18. Secondly, each player can register only once, with one email and one Bitcoin wallet address. This is a nice chance to win some Bitcoin absolutely free of charge, so we think it would be unwise to risk that by trying to increase your chances in a way that contradicts the rules.

There are no restrictions in the countries that the players can be from, so that is a nice thing. Anyway, all participants are anonymous, so the only thing that matters is whether they are of legal age.

The FAQ section is very concise, but there are a contact form and an email address you can use in case you have some additional questions.

Deposit & Withdrawal

The only currency supported by this site is Bitcoin. So, Bitcoin Lottery is only suitable for those who want to get some of this cryptocurrency, and not those who want to increase the amount of some other altcoins like Bytecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or others. There are no deposits here, anyway, and thus, no withdrawals. That is, of course, unless you become a lucky winner. However, it won’t be a typical withdrawal like you see at most Bitcoin casinos. You will simply have to press the button “Claim the prize”, and the winnings will be instantly transferred to the wallet address you provided during the registration. The transactions are, as expected, anonymous.

Bottom Line

Clearly, the creators of Bitcoin Lottery were not aiming to get to the top of the best gambling sites list, where bc casinos with the highest casino ratings reside. This site has the most simplistic design imaginable; there are no promotions, no VIP or loyalty programs for established clients, no arrays of games to choose from. It is in no way a serious competition to any blockchain casino with even medium ranks.

Yet, Bitcoin Lottery does not promise any of such things. The purpose of the site is clear and honest. Its free nature is the most attractive thing about it, and while serious gamblers will definitely ignore it and go to some formidable slot site, newcomers may find it a place to start. The site offers a chance to win some Bitcoin, and although the prize fund is rather modest, if compared to jackpots at other crypto casinos, it can later be used as a deposit to win some real fortune.

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