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Bitcoin Revolution Analysis and Assessment

Bitcoin Revolution Analysis and Assessment

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC)

Features: Auto trading options available. Everyday minimum profit - $800. Bonus: $1,000. Software Download: Free. Cross-device coverage. 24/7 support.
Withdrawal & Fees: Deposit is no more than $250. Processing time for withdrawal is 24 hours. No registration, membership, deposit and withdrawal fees. No restrictions on withdrawal amount.

Is there a reason for beginners to be discouraged when dealing with manual trading? Naturally, it raises doubts and concerns because of the volatility factor. In this seemingly unstable industry, automated trading holds a specific position. That is why traders keep choosing such platforms as Bitcoin Revolution. Despite all the risks, they are able to enjoy a high probability of profitable trades. To make it possible, traders only need to apply particular techniques and use a holistic approach. It might sound complex, but, in reality, automated systems simplify all the predictions and analyses. This way, it remains the best-suited solution for professional traders and novices. Besides, algorithmic trading is an integral part of the process. Therefore, platform users will not have to be worried about perfectly timed trades or trading indicators, and at the same time, will enjoy the benefits the trading industry has to offer. The one and only problem traders have to deal with is the complexity of choosing the best platform. As of today, online trading is in its prime, and we are lucky to witness the booming of the trading industry. To do a fair evaluation and make an informed decision, traders frequently rely on publicly available reviews and rankings.

As we mentioned before, online trading is associated with multiple risks, and the industry spares no effort to boost its image with the help of an expert and aspiring traders worldwide. Along with that, some of the platforms make every effort to advance the risk management systems and ensure additional protection of the stored trading data. Even though automated trading experiences its rises and falls, it continues to be a salable technology. For that reason, traders strive to find the top-notch trading solutions available on the crypto market. To assist and be of use to trading experts, we rigorously assessed and tested the Bitcoin Revolution software.

The Trading System Overview

As of today, the vast majority of the entertainment and media channels are blockchain-based, and brokers are seriously concerned about the risks associated with online trading and payments. Consequently, it can be stated that we get to witness a rise of the global crypto market.

To guarantee the comprehensive analysis, we examined and tested all the essential features the platform offers. Therefore, we firmly believe that the trading system poses no threats to the community.

Basic Facts About the System

  1. Registration takes just a few minutes. Afterward, the platform allows traders to use their accounts.
  2. The broker system provides notification service and performs without delays.
  3. The system differentiates through its responsive and adaptive design.
  4. The deposit threshold is competitively low.
  5. The system offers high-quality client support.
  6. Trading with the platform is effortless and does not require prior experience.
  7. The system offers two modes.
  8. Data protection is guaranteed.

About the Trader Site

While proving to be user-friendly, the platform remains accessible for all types of devices through its free software. In fact, it was created by the group of financial analysts and traders, which makes it clear how the platform manages to offer such a comprehensible trading experience. Besides, the intuitive interface of the system attracts a lot of attention and, as a result, makes the platform suitable for professional traders and novices. All these facts facilitate crypto market efficiency.

The company manages to be at the top of its game and set its trading service apart from the competition by offering traders the cutting-edge technology. As a matter of fact, this is the secret advantage inherent to the platform. In addition to the easily regulated trading rules and a low probability of loss, the system seeks to ensure favorable trading conditions.

As previously mentioned, the platform offers manual and automated modes. Traders can switch between the modes and see what works best for them. However, we recommend novices to stay clear of the manual mode because of all the risks. Automated trading would be a better choice for beginners since it guarantees a 99.8% success rate. As for professional traders, they are keener to succeed if they pick the manual trading option. Besides, if research and analysis are your passion, you will enjoy this type of trading.

Considering that the system enables users to alter the process when utilizing the manual mode, it can be suggested that the platform will attract even more traders and receive more recognition. Its user-friendly design, algorithmic trading, and high level of accuracy contribute to its exceptional performance and the reliability of the crypto market as a whole.

What Makes the Platform Exceptional

Working with this trading system allows for high daily earnings. The ability to make money regularly is possible due to the functionality, extreme precision of trading predictions, and a wide variety of features. As we previously stated, a comprehensive review and examination of the market conditions, along with trading elements, play a critical role in the evaluation process.

Veiled Feature

By offering a remarkable set of tools, the system allows traders to change the settings and set the rules in accordance with their trading style. In a nutshell, it rules out all the obstacles on the way to generating profits.

Imitation of Trading

Trading simulation is particularly beneficial for novices during the period of adjustment. Demo trades, for instance, allows platform users to get a better grasp on the peculiarities of trade.

Live Trading Operations

Once you have completed the registration, you get access to test and live trades. As an additional benefit, traders get to choose from a wide range of currency pairs or cryptocurrencies.

Algorithmic Trading

By offering regular notifications, the platform sets a high standard that affects the crypto market as a whole. Apart from providing an opportunity to utilize two trading modes, the platform also performs the analysis of the present market conditions and determines potentially profitable trading points. Since the algorithmic trading is predicated on precise calculations, it enables traders to set and achieve big goals.

Besides, with this trading system, traders do not have to worry about the trading variables or the monitoring process. Given that the platform focuses on the interests of its users, it offers an extensive selection of tools and features. In fact, it gives serious consideration to security and fraud-related issues. Moreover, the performance of the platform is exceptional due to its ability to imitate the way the human brain works when it comes to trading.

What about the features that define the system? According to our review, the top two are the platform design and its customization capabilities.

Signing Up

We were amazed by the speed of the registration process. Besides, signing up is free of charge, and there are no hidden fees. This way, the platform stays accessible for traders worldwide. To sign up, traders need to fill out the form, make a deposit, and then they can proceed to the trade.

After making an investment, the trading account becomes easily accessible, allowing you to explore the crypto market. Even though the platform offers multiple advantages, traders should remember about the risks online trading typically entails. As stated before, the platform’s main areas of focus are security and trust. Therefore, it takes full responsibility for any trading-related issues.

Proper Performance of the Platform

We have discovered that working with the platform is predicated on three main steps: enrolling, investing, trading. As for making the deposit, platform users do not have to invest funds in excess of $250. In fact, it is up to them how much money to invest or withdraw.

Upsides of Trading With the Platform

What are the key benefits of trading with this system in particular?

  • Unrestricted Access

The system offers the software for free, does not include any hidden fees, and does not charge users for the registration. Moreover, traders stay in control of invested funds.

  • Available for Public

If compared with other trading systems, it is safe to say that there are no additional installation requirements or software updates.

  • Easy to Install

With this system, traders are taken care of 24/7. Its fast enrollment process and an intuitive interface guarantee delightful and effortless trading.

  • Speedy Approval & Authorization

The system saves both time and money of users thanks to the acceleration of the approval process.

  • Investment Threshold

The low investment threshold keeps the platform accessible.

  • Diversity of Currencies

A large variety of currency pairs and cryptocurrencies add to the list of platform advantages.

  • Stabilized Income

While there are no solid guarantees that platform users will make a profit regularly, algorithmic trading ensures the strong probability of profitable trading sessions.

  • Offering Assistance to Platform Users

Platform users have nonstop access to professional customer support.

Is This Trading System a Scam?

Theoretically speaking, any of the trading platforms can be involved in fraudulent operations. That is why we mainly focused on the verification or contradiction of the allegedly unreliable nature of the platform. Considering that there are still assumptions and speculations about the deceptive techniques the platform uses, we set out to objectively analyze and review its ethics and operation. After careful consideration, we can safely state that it is not a scam.


How much do traders need to invest in order to initiate live trading?

First of all, traders should be informed about the fact that the platform does not charge for signing up or obtaining the software. To start live or test sessions, traders need to  deposit $250. However, it is up to them if they would like to boost the investment.


Are the withdrawal limits similar to other platforms?

Please be informed that the platform does no set withdrawal limits. Nonetheless, traders should be mindful of the fact that withdrawals can be obtained in national currency.


Is the withdrawal process time-consuming?

No, it is not. The system typically processes all the withdrawal requests within twenty-four hours.


How safe is it to invest with this trading platform?

You can rest assured that it is perfectly safe. Considering that the platform safely stores personal information and trading data, it offers reliable trading services.



Naturally, traders take data protection issues very seriously. That is the precise reason for them to be concerned about investments as well as withdrawals. Despite that, the platform pays a great deal of attention to confidentiality and operational transparency. Therefore, accurate predictions, data confidentiality, and algorithmic trading confirm the reliability and integrity of the platform.

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