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Bitcointalk.org: A Top Bitcoin Forum

Bitcointalk.org is the leading forum where you can find everything about cryptocurrencies. This largest bitcoin hub was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creator. Today, it gathers up to a million active members who share their experience and knowledge about cryptocurrencies in overall. The community of the Bitcoin forum is steadily growing every day.

The Bitcointalk.org site has a clear-cut layout and convenient sections dedicated to technical discussions, mining, project development, and other materials that might be useful for inexperienced crypto-users as well as bitcoin adepts.

The forum contains specific sections for altcoins, economy, and also has local boards in over 20 different languages apart from English. However, some think it becomes outdated since not all the features are easy to use and most of the provided data is too generalized.

The best minds of the crypto world show up on this forum too. You’ll get a chance to rub shoulders with them together with some great developers, business owners, and coders (though they usually use pseudonyms). A group of wise moderators and competent staff take care of the forum environment, keeping it right and on the run. They moderate chatting and provide expert support to issues posted by participants.

Flourishing Micro-Economy within Hub

The forum is filled with enticing discussions (oftentimes, it’s trolling or flaming) and many altcoins and bitcoins actually go from one hand to another. Basically, users made a sub-section within the Economy block to talk about crypto-trading, cryptocurrency selling and buying, and some folks even manage to promote their business. You can come across freelancers here too. There are many designers and copywriters who are ready to do a quick job for crypto coins.

Other than these guys, the forum comprises many unique “signature campaigns” in which people advertise services or products and get paid for that with a bit of coin. Usually, it’s about a newly launched ICO or altcoin. Likewise, there are loads of platforms and services dealing with exchange and online casinos that attempt to boost the exposure of their business through the forum. A studious member can make a decent profit just by taking part in the discussion with collateral ideas coming with an ad in their signature that earns them another coin. Such unique campaigns may run with budgets of up to thousands of bucks’ worth of a bitcoin, however, they show up more engagement than common internet advertising.

Additionally, Bitcointalk.org has become the basis of the trust system for users. What it means is that participants share negative or positive feedback about each other, and in this way, they create the trust network. Of course, any feedback may be false, which is the main weakness of such unique trust networks, but mostly it yields benefits of defining a user you want to connect and whether they are reliable or not.

Abundance of Information

Plenty of fruitful and good discussions bring up tons of valuable information on Bitcointalk.org, which Bitcoin enthusiasts really appreciate. Conversely, you should be aware of spam that will bombard you while you navigate the stuff you are interested in. The search feature is of no use in this case (the search engine in your browser will do a better job), and you are unable to file anything.

It’s clearly evident that the forum requires upgrades for a long time. Until now, it operates on Simple Machines Forum1.1.19. Though, the Bitcointalk.org team and owners reportedly spent a big amount of Bitcoins that worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on programmers in order to improve the forum. So, hopefully, we’ll soon see Bitcointalk 2.0.

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