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Bustabit review

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As a part of Bitcoin dice community, Bustabit casino stands out thanks to its unmatched Bitcoin game that keeps winning over the players’ hearts years after its inception. Despite being advertised as “the social gambling game,” Bustabit site is strikingly interactive. Here you are not just trying to outplay the Fortune; it’s rather you versus other gamblers on the same battlefield. Bustabit is owned and operated by MoneyPot SRL under the license of Costa Rica. The website is available in both classic and new-look themes, so you can choose the one that you like best. Now, get ready for a fun walk-through of the Bustabit casino, as we are about to spill the guts!


While making our own Bustabit review, we have dug a whole lot of interesting facts about this blockchain casino. First things first, this is not another slot site. Bustabit is an original betting site having Bitcoin as its main currency. There are few of such bc casinos on the Web with the unique games on offer. At the moment of writing, the challenging dice by Bustabit has seen more than 146 million bets with over 420K Bitcoin wagered in total. The maximum payout ever scored at this gambling portal amounts to 37.5 BTC. As to the size of wagers, they vary from the lowest of 0.000001 BTC to the maximum stake of 1 BTC. Despite being available in English only, the Bustabit crypto casino is accessible from nearly all parts of the world. Without further ado, let’s have a better look at this gambling site.


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Unlike traditional bc casinos and slot site variations, Bustabit cannot boast a truckload of casual games of fortune. Here, you will not stumble upon any blackjack, or poker, or roulette, or slots, or bingo and lottery; the website doesn’t offer a sportsbook either. Bustabit casino has got one game to play, which is similar to dice. Players are betting against a system pot of money, used by the “system.” The principle is simple as a cake – as soon as you place your bet, the multipliers start to rise. Watch them rising higher and higher to spot the favorable moment for a cashout. If you don’t do it before the curve crashes, you will eventually lose your stake.

Now, let’s get specific on the odds of this ‘social gambling game.’ They vary a lot, depending entirely on a multiplier that you plan to cash-out on. One of the greatest features of the Bustabit casino is its minuscule house edge. Even if you play half-assedly and have no skills at all, you can still expect a net return of -2%. On the flip side, a little effort will help you push the house edge back to zero. This gamble has a 1% probability of crashing right from the start (meaning, it’ll crash at ox). The losses from these game rounds are used as a basis for the bonus system. In fact, that’s why the original name of the Bustabit site was “MoneyPot,” as the pot is made out of bonus money and given out to those players who are the last to cash-out.

Preparing this Bustabit review, we did not notice any specialties like mobile apps for Android and iOS, or bajillions of games. There are no fancy crypto games by Novomatic, Playtech, Ezugi, Microgaming, or Igtosoft; you will also hardly spot the very extra promotion and bonus system. But even though, this blockchain casino has a separate rank in our casino rating of 2018.


First and foremost, this Bustabit review will not create an illusion of some features being present (or absent) on this gambling site. To take off, we have to mention the interactivity of gaming here. You can chat freely with other players during your round and monitor the situation on the cashout board.

The Bustabit sign up won’t take a lot of time from you, just like at the similar bc casinos.

It’s hard to praise the customer support services for as they barely exist here. The Bustabit site can suggest you its lengthy FAQ, but this is nearly all; you will not be taken through a real support manager. The crypto casino also lets you automatize the betting process and set up the cash-out process. Next to the auto-bet is a strategy tab, where savvy gamers can enter javascript commands to create a betting bot.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

As mentioned somewhere above in this Bustabit review, the bonus scheme is emerging. There is no faucet to claim free Bitcoin from; also, the site does not imply a deposit bonus. Still, 1% of each bet players make goes to a pot, which is further given to the bold ones who dare to cash out the last. This ingenious trick enables players to overcome the house edge.

Scam, Privacy & Policy

Bustabit scam policy is an open book now, but it used to invoke some doubts in the previous years. When the site was launched back in 2010-s, there were some worries about the premature crash of the curve. Players did not want to lose their wagers before they even started. Willing to smooth the edges, the erstwhile administrator of the Bustabit casino decided to make the online venue open-source, so anyone can view the internal code. Later on, the bitcoin casino implemented the provably fair scheme to slash down the remaining doubts about the game’s trustworthiness.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bytecoin, and other forks are not accepted on Bustabit site. This blockchain casino allows you to deposit in Bitcoin only, no fiat currencies supported whatsoever. As a common practice, you are supposed to receive your in-game credits within a 10-minute timeline after you’ve topped up your account. It is possible to withdraw the coins to any wallet address; small amounts are usually carried out immediately, while the larger ones you might be processed within 24 hours. All withdrawals are charged with a 100 bits fee, which is $0.05 in fact. Make sure not to cash out the sums exceeding 1 bit (100 satoshis).

Bottom Line

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If you are bored to death, Bustabit casino is amid the options to try out. Love the adrenaline rushing in your veins? Then watch the multiplier increasing and challenge the Fortune herself! Besides, Bustabit offers a pretty decent payout rate and gives you the chance to beat the house edge. Spin the ‘wheel’ more than 1000x times to see a Nyan animation and chase the flying cats. A good portion of interactivity never hurts!

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