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Coinbase review

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Along with a growth of the digital currency volume and its popularity, lots of online currency exchanges were established in different parts of the world. Progressive people figured out that this is the future technology and sooner or later it will replace other payment methods. It really is a good alternative which can satisfy the needs of users and release from cascading conversion and the losses it causes. Maybe it’s not new for you, but today you can even buy a cup of coffee for Bitcoin.

About Coinbase

Founded in San-Francisco by Brian Armstrong and the team of talented developers, the Coinbase currency exchange was crafted to become the biggest and the most usable. Of course, it’s not easy to create such a service and install all possible tools, as well as to tailor for all existing types of crypto coins. But they persistently applied something new and updated regularly so that the web exchange operated better and more stable.

Six years of ceaseless work were quite prolific for the company and now millions of users each month do their buy-and-sell operations on the site. Honestly speaking, there isn’t anything extraordinary about this service as it uses the fundamental and time-proved mechanism of working. Though, you will assure that a huge team of qualified and experienced financiers stands behind those explicit datasheets and graphs. They display the slightest price changes in the market.


If you are the user who is interested only in figures and numbers then the interface of this site will definitely satisfy you. The white background, smooth colors and plain type font helps to concentrate strictly on the rate fluctuations and dynamics. Bitcoin is also known for its high volatility, that’s why most BC owners want to monitor detailed price changes, to achieve this you can also install an application on your mobile device and check the price behavior. The service calculates data once in a second, so traders can check on-the-fly orders’ execution.

This online broker deals with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other currencies. You can make personal settings at Coinbase and weekly or monthly buy currency as many as you planned.

Coinbase only publishes the market flows and doesn’t act as an investment consultant or doesn’t make forecasts. They know that they are responsible for the statistics they place on the website, but still, they accent that the service is fair-minded and objective.

In case you decide to use Coinbase for trading you won’t face any difficulties in sign-up procedure or wallet creation. There is a step-by-step instruction for a quick registration. On the next step, you should attach your bank card and pass the verification. After you’ve completed all these steps you can buy or sell digital currency.

Upon every purchase of coins, you will see the exchange rate for the moment on the site. You can store your digital assets in your Coinbase wallet, as this is a secure way to keep your funds in one protected place.

Trading and Orders

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You can see the price and the amount of cryptocurrency, traders wish to buy or sell in the Order Book. Orders vary; you should sort out the Market Order, Stop Order, and Limit Order. Coinbase has a section with a comprehensive guide and explanations of all terms users should know.

When you’re ready to trade, you need to place an order and be sure that you have the sufficient sum to cover the order you’ve stated. Coinbase offers several products for trading, thus different traders can find a program that fit them. The exchange platform differentiates the needs of customers and regarding this developed programs that will befit for everyone, for business, for advanced traders, and for institutions.

Security methods

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Nowadays crypto industry has a lot of participants, but not all of them have the spotless reputation and seamless functioning. Alongside this, there are numerous threats and frauds which attack time after time. It’s quite obvious, as we’re talking about the multimillion money turnover. Consequently, it needs the most complicated encryption for protection the system on every level. Verification and identification of users are methods that can help eliminate snatchers and harmful bots. Of course, there are hidden coded defensive means of the inner system.

Privacy Policy

Coinbase is incorporated and authorized in the United Kingdom and is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. As every solid exchange service, Coinbase has to carry out the requirements of the law to stay a legal and trusted company. That’s why collecting personal information about users is both the necessity and the striving to provide the most effective service. Although users must remember that they can add more information to their own will. We hope you understand why you are requested to give your name, DOB, account number, nationality, active phone number, photo, and several other points. Owing to these data the CB Company can control the appropriate running of deals and protect CB traders and the platform in general. There is a dedicated section at the bottom of the homepage

Bottom line

If you follow the on-going tendencies, you know that cryptocurrency made a colossal impact on the global financial system. Many facts about it still remain unknown and amazing: starting with the real name of its inventor to the rapidity it became well-known and influential. Its impressive rate jumps made it even more popular. Here is how the industry appeared and felt the need for digital exchange platforms. As we all see there is a continuous development and Coinbase do their best to be a solid participant in the crypto scene having an influence over the market and quote the currency rate. The inventors of this exchange are aimed to create a sustained project and as a result, they managed to make the society defer to them and be the top-rated news theme. You in return can choose the proper place for trading and make your own rate of the best ones.

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