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Edgeless review

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The Edgeless casino is a Lithuanian brand that was one of the first to operate within the Ethereum blockchain and use smart contracts in online gambling. Edgeless has its own token EDG that is ERC-20 token. What’s more, this blockchain casino provides a house edge of 0%, which is uncommon for typical BC casinos where the house edge ranges from 1% to 5%. Unlike many top gambling portals of 2018, Edgeless believes that it’s always the matter of player’s skills that bring him a win or a loss, and not just luck. In this Edgeless review, we’ll see what’s there behind the idea.


The Edgeless site was launched at the beginning of 2018 and it is still on the way to earning a high casino rating. More and more reviews appear on this crypto casino, which only speaks of its growing awareness. Edgeless has a Curacao license and allows gamblers from almost corners of the world with an exception of the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, and Turkey (unless customers use special tools like VPN). Their key objective is to provide a gambling site without a house edge, which is reflected in their name. To back up this perspective and give players real winning chances that depend on their abilities and achievements, the Edgeless casino uses the blockchain technology. The portal doesn’t establish the edge to ensure transparency and prove that it’s a matter of skills that bring fortune to a player.


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After you pass the Edgeless sign-up procedure, which is straightforward and uncomplicated, you get access to offered crypto games. In order to play, you should have an Ether wallet, Token.im, Jaxx.io, or Eidoo.io wallets to buy EDG tokens and fund an account. Don’t be surprised to see that the range on this gambling site is not big. You are unlikely to find any slots here since it’s not a slot site. Though, you will be able to enjoy online casino games like poker, dice, baccarat, crash, and blackjack. There are a few sports for betting fans, though not as many as you will find on the best platforms serving a sportsbook. Edgeless does not offer a lottery, bingo, or roulette but the served options are good enough to entertain even experienced gamblers.

No matter how simple the gaming range is, the good rank is explained by the house edge and lack of fees. Being a blockchain casino, Edgeless provides quality games on beneficial terms. They use the Random Number Generator that works on the smart contracts for their main dice option. There are two modes of Automated betting and Manual betting that you can choose to make your bet. And if you prefer blackjack instead, you will be able to play a twenty-one – the most popular option in this casino.


Edgeless aims to provide transparency, security, and fairness, which is their main advantage. Plus, the platform lets you stay anonymous. The implemented Ethereum blockchain technology helps to eliminate any Edgeless scam on the portal and provides users with the ability to arbitrage the results. The implemented smart contracts in no way can tamper the programmed algorithms. That’s why Edgeless can be considered a trustworthy online casino.

As a crypto casino, they have the fully-developed software that runs fast. Graphics and interface also look seamlessly and polished. There is no mobile app to enjoy Edgeless on Android or iOS but the mobile version of a website works well. Plus, there is a chat option that gamblers can use to solve urgent matters. In other cases, you can always reach their customer support via e-mail.

Bonuses and promotions

It is clear that Edgeless is not an ordinary bitcoin casino or gambling site that accepts fiat money and cryptocurrencies, allowing fans to win money by competing with the house. More to it, there is no such a thing as the Edgeless bonus, bonus code, VIP program, or suchlike promotion. The Edgeless site integrated casino into blockchain technology that uses smart contracts, letting both miners and players benefit from the network. The registered players make a deposit to fund their account, choose the games and when they win, the payments are automatically sent to their wallets. You won’t get any additional rewards or prizes. The main point is that you play fair games anonymously and collect winning that is not charged by the house.

Scam and privacy

It’s all about trust, fairness, and security in this crypto casino. Since this is a blockchain-based portal with implemented smart contracts, the gamblers can rest assured that the gaming process is safe, uncompromised, and anonymous. All transactions here are public and winnings can be verified by anyone. Edgeless keeps all operations open to let people see that there is no scam or cheating. Considering the fact that this decentralized casino platform doesn’t have a house edge, it only ensures that players make fair winnings that can be maximized. Moreover, the final winner will become the sole owner of the game.

Deposits and withdrawals

The gaming process is held using EDG tokens. After you sign up and make a deposit either with Ethereum or Bitcoin, you can purchase EDG tokens and start playing. Unfortunately, the network does not accept Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bytecoin, or any other altcoin. Soon, Edgeless plans to add more currencies, including national ones. Edgeless sets the minimum bet of 0.01 EDG for dice and 0.2 EDG for blackjack. The maximum bet is 100 EDG for either game. For withdrawal, they have a minimum amount of 2 EDG. You also can later convert your winnings to fiat money, which is usually done in minutes. What’s more, this gambling site does not apply any fees.

The bottom line

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It’s hard to compare Edgeless with a regular bitcoin casino because it has certain specificity and operates based on the smart contracts. The crucial benefit is that it has a 0% house edge, which means that the platform is absolutely fair and doesn’t compete against players. They definitely have a higher speed of transactions and lower operational costs. Plus, they continue to expand their assortment, so in the near future, we’ll get a chance to choose from a wider variety of casino options.

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