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Ethereum Sweepstakes casino review 2018

Ethereum Sweepstakes casino review 2018

Ethereum Sweepstakes (SWEEP)

1Games: Sweepstakes and lottery
Features: Jackpot, lottery, prizes, automatic transfer to winning wallets, group wallet verification
Withdrawal & Fees: A purchase limit of 10 SWEEP Tokens


The Ethereum Sweepstakes site is unlike any blockchain casino you have seen. In fact, it is a lottery based on Ethereum smart contract technology. In the world of bc casinos at every step, particularly those with tons of slots and high casino ratings, having a site dedicated to one single lottery seems unwise and unimpressive. That is before you learn that it offers the best odds of winning the largest amount of cash that has ever been introduced at a raffle. The site is fairly new, and 2018 will be the first year when the sweepstakes are held, yet there have already been some monthly giveaways. The site administration proves the fairness of the process by blockchain transparency, so if you are looking for a crypto casino to invest some Ethereum with a chance to get considerably more, you might want to stick around for our Ethereum Sweepstakes review.


According to the Terms of Use, Ethereum Sweepstakes is a smart contract and not a company. To put it simply, the conditions of the site’s activity and relationships with the users are written directly into lines of code. Usage of smart contracts makes it possible for anonymous parties to enter into agreements and trust that all specified transactions will take place as discussed.

The creators of Ethereum Sweepstakes site say that they were tired of seeing governmental lotteries with poor odds and could not really trust them. Luckily, blockchain technology and the growing interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies made it possible to introduce a transparent scheme with thousands of prizes and a guaranteed jackpot winner.

Another goal of the site administrators is to support Ethereum platform and facilitate the development of blockchain technology. Besides, wouldn’t you agree that winning half a billion dollars is a good incentive to learn more about how exactly crypto casinos and other similar gambling sites operate? We won’t get too much into that right now, but it’s time to learn more about the lottery.


As mentioned before, Ethereum Sweepstakes is not another slot site, and you will not find here any games like poker, roulette, blackjack or others, only lottery. There are countless Bitcoin casinos that can satisfy you with a wide selection of those games, however, this site seems to be unique in what it offers. The main prize equals 1,500,000 ETH, and it depends on the current exchange rate how much that is in dollars. Whatever the rate is, one thing is certain: it’s a lot of cash. That amount, however, will be subject to raffle only if certain requirements regarding the number of participants are met. Even though the players have better odds of winning the jackpot than winning at Powerball or any other lottery with huge amounts of money at stake, it’s still 1 in 4,000,000. Those numbers can keep a lot of people from even entering, but Ethereum Sweepstakes offers 111,110 more prizes. Most of them may not be as impressive as the main one, but the odds of winning one of them are much higher, it’s only 1 in 36.

In order to participate, you must acquire a so-called SWEEP token, which costs 1 Ether. There are 4 million of such tokens available, and once the last of them is sold, the winners’ selection process will start running on the blockchain, and the prizes will be automatically and immediately sent to the lucky addresses, used for purchasing the entry tokens.

If you cannot or are not willing to spend such an amount on the entry fee, there are also group tokens available. This means that you can buy as little as 10% of the Sweep Token (that would cost you 0.1 Ether), and still get a chance to win any of the prizes. You can buy a larger share, divisible by 10%, increasing the amount of money you will receive in case your group Token happens to be the winning one, as the prize will be divided between the Token owners proportionally, according to the percentage they invested.

Given that all 4 million Sweep Tokens are sold, the participants will have a chance to win the following prizes (the amount of dollars is indicated as stated on the site at the time of writing the review):

1 Jackpot Winner will get 1,500,000 ETH (or $594,504,000).

10 Winners will get 15,000 ETH (or $5,945,040) each.

100 Winners will get 1500 ETH (or $594,504) each.

1000 Winners will get 150 ETH (or $59,450) each.

10,000 Winners will get 15 ETH (or $5,945) each.

100,000 Winners will get 1.5 ETH (or $595) each.

The lottery ends on December 31, 2018. If less than the maximum amount of Sweep Tokens is sold by that time, the winners will still be selected. However, prizes will be determined in the following manner:

1 Jackpot Winner will receive 37.5% of the available prize fund.

10 Winners will each receive 0.375% of the available prize fund.

100 Winners will each receive 0.0375% of the available prize fund.

1000 Winners will each receive 0.00375% of the available prize fund.

10,000 Winners will each receive 0.000375% of the available prize fund.

100,000 Winners will each receive 0.000000375% of the available prize fund.

Although the site does not contain a counter showing how many Sweep Tokens have been sold already, we think that the total number is quite ambitious for a new site that does not have any high casino ratings yet. So, it’s safe to suggest there is some lower limit of the Tokens that must be sold in order for the raffle to take place. That minimum amount is equal to 1 million, and in case it is not reached by the end of the year, 100,000 prizes (each worth 1.5 ETH) will not be paid. One thing is certain, there will be winners who will receive their respective prizes.

In order to convince the potential participants to enter the contest sooner, Ethereum Sweepstakes also holds monthly giveaways of 2 ETH, and the Earlybird Prize of 20 ETH will find its lucky owner on May 1st of 2018. They will probably have some other stimulating prizes later on, so if you consider participating, we advise you to follow Ethereum Sweepstakes for updates.


Being a newcomer in the world of crypto casinos and gambling sites, Ethereum Sweepstakes has to spread the word about its tempting prizes and favorable odds. They do so with the extensive use of social media sites and online presence, which is exactly how it should be done by a website introducing an innovative way of holding a lottery. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram to be aware of any important news they may be posting.

Perhaps, there will later be an app for mobile devices, making it even easier for users to follow the news and check the winners of monthly prizes, but for now, you can only access the site on your Android or iOS mobile phone using the browser.

Considering that the Ethereum Sweepstakes team seeks to provide a chance to win prizes to users from all around the world, they make it obvious by the number of supported languages. The site is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and Korean. It is promised that even more languages will become available in the nearest future, expanding the geography of participants and potential winners.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

Obviously, this is not a Bitcoin casino, so there are no bonuses here except for the monthly prizes. However, the site provides an affiliate program. Those who want to join can fill in the form and wait for Ethereum Sweepstakes team to consider their offer.


While most blockchain casinos with high ranks would have various licenses and certificates to prove their trustworthiness, Ethereum Sweepstakes is not a slot site that needs to prove the outcome of its games is not rigged. Those concerned about sending money to some random wallet address should relax, as they will be transferring money to a smart contract. Its code is verified and can be closely inspected by following the link provided in the FAQ section.

Although their smart contract is transparent and proves that the site’s administration cannot alter it or steal the available funds, they ask those who do not have a clear understanding of the blockchain workings to refrain from participating or contact support for additional answers.

Privacy & Policy

The users have the right to either visit the site while staying anonymous or to sign up. The latter suggests entering some personal information that the site can collect to both eliminate the chance of fraud and widen the range of services the users will receive. It should be noted that the Ethereum Sweepstakes team takes all necessary precautions to protect their participants’ personal details from being disclosed to any third parties that they are not collaborating with and that do not require it for performing their services.

Additionally, the site may be collecting a different type of data that cannot be considered personal. This is done to analyze the operating system, browser, provider, or computer the visitors use when accessing the site. This helps the Ethereum Sweepstakes site figure out how to improve their resource so that all users can have a trouble-free experience.

Deposit & Withdrawal

As you must have guessed, there are no traditional deposits or withdrawals you are used to seeing at bc casinos. The participation in the sweepstakes requires transferring a certain amount of digital currency in order to obtain a Sweep Token (or its portion, in case you opt for group participation). This has to be done using the digital currency wallet, which will later be used by the site to send the money in case of winning the prize. You can only send Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bytecoin, and others are not supported.

It should be noted, that sending Ether to obtain an entry ticket requires gas. Ethereum Sweepstakes suggests that you set the gas limit to no less than 250,000. Also, do not send Ether from your brokerage account, because then it will not be traced back and the site will not be able to send you the winnings. So, you should first transfer Ether to your digital currency wallet and only then buy Sweep Tokens. Make sure to thoroughly go over the rules and recommendations for sending Ether so as not to lose your money and a chance to win a fortune due to overlooking some important detail.

Those who would like to acquire the entry ticket using such payment systems as Visa, Mastercard, or others, will be glad to know they can do that.

Bottom Line

Ethereum Sweepstakes is not your usual Bitcoin casino, which is why you will not find any games to play here. There are no promotions and bonus offers to make you stay here longer. Those are attributes of a crypto casino, and while this site does offer an opportunity to win a fortune in cryptocurrency, it is a lottery, using a smart contract as the means and a guarantee of the sweepstakes.

Those, who expected to see a gambling site here, or at least a blockchain casino, will not likely find this site interesting. However, there are plenty bc casinos to choose from, even if you try to narrow the search by the high casino ratings. However, this is probably the first blockchain sweepstakes with such tempting prizes, especially the main one. So if you have any understanding of how blockchain works or want to find out more about it, make sure to visit Ethereum Sweepstakes. It is still a new site but provided it succeeds in attracting enough participants, it has the potential to power past the most formidable competitors presented by slot sites with the highest casino ratings in terms of popularity and transparency. And who knows, if you board the train early enough, in one year you may be sitting on top of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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