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Everything You Need to Know about Cloud Mining with ViaBTC

If you are wondering how to start earning through cryptocurrency mining, ViaBTC is an answer to all your questions. While not as old as some cloud-mining platforms, ViaBTC offers unique features and benefits for mining newcomers and seasoned blockchain aficionados alike.

What ViaBTC Features Set the Platform Apart?

Cryptocurrency mining is not just a way to earn Bitcoin. There are multiple altcoins, and ViaBTC offers nine online mining plans in total. You can, of course, settle for Bitcoin mining, but the packages also include Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, Monero, DASH, and more. Other noteworthy ViaBTC features include:

  • Daily withdrawals without extra charges with a minimum amount for auto payments starting at 0.01 BTC (the limit varies across available cloud mining packages).
  • Three payment options with different mining pool fees that allow you to choose the most profitable mode (PPS+, SOLO, or PPLNS).
  • A transparent monitoring system to mine crypto efficiently by following hash rates and miners in real time using intuitive visual demonstrations.
  • A highly secure operation that ensures the platform’s uptime is 99.999% and that your cloud mining earnings are safe from unauthorized access.

Unlike similar cloud-mining platforms, ViaBTC is not just an online mining website. The company offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices that possess the same outstanding ViaBTC features. The apps combine access to your mining pool and serve as a wallet to get instant access to your earnings.

How to Start Earning with ViaBTC?

Setting up an account to mine crypto through ViaBTC is a matter of minutes. You will need a valid email or phone number to sign up on the website or via the mobile app. Email address is the primary means of authentication on the platform, so follow the online safety guidelines and set up a secure password using a combination of numbers, special characters, upper and lower case letters.

Once you confirm your phone number or email, pick the cryptocurrency mining plan and tweak the setting to your liking. There are multiple settings for sub-accounts, notifications, withdrawals, and more. Check out the Help Center posts to find answers to all your questions or contact the support team for a Bitcoin mining consult. Once your payment goes through, the cloud mining begins, and you can expect the first payout within 24 hours.

Is Bitcoin Mining with ViaBTC Safe?

With a clear understanding of how to start earning with ViaBTC, remember cloud-mining platforms do not guarantee success. Whether you mine crypto using an online mining pool or a home rig, you risk losing money whenever the Bitcoin price crashes. Your earnings also depend on exchange rates, difficulty levels, and a variety of other factors.

You can find an estimated daily profit for every cloud mining plan ViaBTC offers, but the numbers are there for reference only. The platform calculates them using the daily profit figures over the past seven days. You might earn a lot more or less, considering the cryptocurrency market fluctuations. Online mining is a quick and simple way to earn Bitcoin, but you should always balance the potential risks against the benefits.

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