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Gambling with Ripple (XRP)

While cryptic technology gains momentum, more cryptocurrencies appear in the digital world. One of them is Ripple. Its popularity grows in the gambling sector due to secure and quick transaction processing. It was created by Brad Garlinghouse in 2013 and under his guidance, the Ripple software was developed for money transmission throughout the world enabling banks and individuals to immediately settle payments using the XRP currency.

Why Ripple XRP?

Evidently, it concerns withdrawals. The reason why so many players make ripple XPR their first choice for gambling is because of super quick transactions. Since the cryptocurrency maybe unsteady, longer withdrawals may lead to margin loss. Basically, the shorter the term of processing, the more beneficial it is for a crypto casino player. That’s why casinos that support ripple XPR now acquiring more and more users. Usually, the money is transferred to the gambler’s account right after security check or verification. In some ripple casinos, it takes minutes whereas in others a player might wait up to two or three hours, which is still good enough.

Now, why would anyone choose Ripple instead of Bitcoin? Well, their main difference is in the way the blockchain operates. In case of ripple, it runs as a “consortium”, in other words, a private network, which means that the blockchain validation is done by the trusted nodes. Conversely, Bitcoin is a public chain and any node can join and validate the blockchain. Thus, as a private network, it takes less time to secure users from violating activity. What’s more, it is impossible to mine the ripple XRP because the complete supply was already distributed at the time of its creation.

What to play at Ripple Casino?

As of today, there are multiple casino games that allow the ripple XRP currency. The range is fully complemented with the most-played gambles like slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, etc. There is enough to suit all tastes, including games with progressive jackpots in XRP. More to it, there are live options too such as live XRP poker, live XRP blackjack, and live XRP baccarat. You can find some unique games like 3D slots as well.

To wrap up, ripple casinos offer more benefits to gamblers all over the world. Except for a quick withdrawal process and a decent assortment of games, you will appreciate the offered bonuses. Mostly, casinos that accept XRP currency provide newcomers with a generous welcome package. Additionally, you may count on deposit bonuses, where you get 100% bonus on the first deposit, 50% and 25% bonuses on consequent deposits. However, these always vary among gambling sites.

Try playing in ripple casino today and see how much you can win using this cryptocurrency.

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