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Gram Coin advent to rock this world

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A little time ago, all outdoors thundered overwhelming news.

After the ending of the ballyhoo around the digital currencies and the withering of the ICO boom, which have recently acquired a negative goodwill of overwhelmingly dingy investment assets, the zest tsunami regarding e-currencies and, particularly, crypto crowdfunding picked and pined.

Nevertheless, to the delight of investors, opinion leaders, and laymen, Pavel Durov, a prominent businessman, decided to conceive not just his own e-coin, but an entire decentralized payment network. So that, the TON ICO (TON is Telegram Open Network) and the launch of the Telegram currency, which was named Gram, has become one of the most anticipated events in the blockchain ecosystem.

Matters for TON set up

Developers specified that the key reasons for TON setting up is that existing blockchain organizations failed to meet market requirements.

Actually, according to the TON’s whitepaper, the developers’ team specifies three key intentions for the burning need for its creation:

  • Low bandwidth – the decentralized networks with their flowing technical indicators cannot compete with centralized payment schemes as Visa or Mastercard. Whilst, the TON Blockchain with its innovative architecture, is able to handle gazillions of operations per second. It’s important to note that Gram currency’s ICO is one of the most successful in the entire history, even taking into account the point that there weren’t public sales of its tokens;
  • Anfractuous interfaces of crypto products – they are exchanges, wallets and other products that are submitted by e-currencies, are absolutely user-unfriendly. TON ensures the crypto community with convenient services such as wallet, exchange, digital identification service;
  • As cryptocurrencies are mainly the subject of trading speculation, another big problem arose, ubiquitously we observe the situation that the practical use of digital currencies is not common, and they are mainly used either as trading assets on the exchange or as investment savings. Whilst the TON wallet allows making e-currencies a payment instrument, thanks to the vast audience of the Telegram messenger.

Gram Coin Features

As follows from Durov’s team whitepaper, Telegram is just the initial phase of the new large-scale Telegram Open Network (TON) project, based on a distributed multi-blockchain system that does not claim a permanent connection to the management server.
Gram Tokens have the following features:

  • thanks to the messenger’s ecosystem, the Gram currency is easily integrated into it and is successfully used to gain access to various goods and services;
  • implementation of smart contracts (the new platform became a direct competitor to Ethereum);
  • the creation of a Gram, firstly, allowed Telegram to gain independence in relation to the governments and banks, and secondly, to monetize the messenger. Each user has a virtual Telegram wallet (security is ensured by double data encryption, and the Telegram earnings, as well as other money can, be stored in the wallet);
  • using the unique Instant Hypercube Routing element (boosts the efficiency of transaction registration even in conditions of increased network load);
  • transaction protection is arranged due to the DPoS service (Delegated Proof-of-Stake, makes the pattern resistant to failures and envisages the creation of a special depositary for smart contracts, payment reports, and other financial data).

Multifarious groups, chat-bots, and channels, arrange a ready market for defrayable content as well as subscriptions in order to access it. Users can support publishers and content creators without restraint, by contribution or paying for access to exclusive functions, again using the Gram currency.

Bots are able to act as an on-screen storefront and accept orders for the delivery of real goods. The economy, uprisen on the TON blockchain, allows users to gain admittance to a wide range of goods that can be paid with the Gram cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Gram

On the Internet, you can find various resources offering how to earn with Gram (TON). It’s not safe wading in unknown water, so kindly be overzealous when looking for a trustworthy platform. However, you are able to purchase Gram tokens on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. This is the only official resource through which the mass emission of tokens will be implemented. Being one of the market leaders, Binance has prepared a powerful base allowing to conduct transactions for the purchase of Gram Coin quickly and safely. The exchange offers flexible payment options, and the platform interface is simple and intuitive. It’s no sweat to figure out how it works.

On the final note

Due to the unique architecture of the TON, Gram’s affordability is indisputable. The mass-market approach made it be the most significant project of recent times and has hit dance floors of all the social classes. Previously, none of the currencies has shown such a mainstream-oriented approach. Perhaps, TON is the first blockchain platform that dared to connect the real and virtual worlds. Already got intrigued? We bet! Spit it out and learn how to invest your fiat money savings to get big profit with Gram coin!

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