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For many years, Keno has been the gamblers’ fave. This uncomplicated game – because, you know, what can be easier than drawing numbers? – is meant for both live and online modes; plus, you can now enjoy it at Bitcoin casinos. Whether you tend to go higher or lower in this game, the Bitcoin-based Keno ensures anonymity, proven fairness, and 0% transaction fee.

This article will eventually communicate you everything you should have known about Bitcoin Keno. For starters, you’ll find a brief review of some of the odds available online, including the gambles at licensed crypto venues, as well as provably fair games of fortune at single-game websites. On top of that, you will see more information on the upsides of playing in invisible currency, rather than gambling with regular fiat money.


If you’re fond of Keno, then you won’t have any troubles finding a BTC casino online that delivers on its promise. And the list of Bitcoin Keno casinos we’ve settled will help you find the very best one.


The CoinGaming platform offers a couple of interesting Keno variations, powered by several software providers. For instance, you can find 4 Keno games by CoinGaming and several live-dealer lotto games which are pretty much the same. Among the main titles there is Traditional Keno, ‘Klub Keno,’ and Instant Keno (40 and 80 ball variants). All of these games can be played at BitCasino.io.

What’s Instant Keno? It’s an 80 ball game with basic yet exciting animations. You’re supposed to select up to 8 numbers and set the wagering requirements and the number of rounds to be played. As you add more balls in, the odds and payouts changes are displayed to the right of an active window. Once you hit the “Play” button, the balls will come out from a tube at the bottom of the grid. Then, they’re supposed to reach their number in an arcing motion. Additionally, it’s possible to enjoy the 40 ball variation of Keno, which has smaller odds, meaning the probability of hitting an individual number is higher.

Moving on to the Traditional Keno, it’s worth saying it is an 80 ball game as well. Similar to the previously outlined variation, here you can pick the coin size, number of numbers, and run as many numbers as desired. Perhaps, the only difference is that this game uses crosses. Every time the numbers hit, any of your matches will be highlighted with a red circle.

Lastly, the Klub Keno variation involves 40 balls. The paint splatter effects add a “fun” sensation to the graphics. With this game, the minimum betting amount is 0.02 mBTC. Also, if you’re lucky enough to hit the “Star Ball,” you’ll double the winnings. The buttons at the bottom of the screen let you run 10 rounds of Klub Keno in one shot.

To tell the truth, live dealer lotto games are Keno’s doubles, not complete, of course. Here you need to pick 6 numbers out of 49 available. As the balls are drawn from a lotto machine, you can determine how many you have guessed. It depends on the game, but if you correctly guess 5 or 6 numbers, it means you have won heaps of cash!


The next category of BTC keno games we’re about to review is associated with the provably fair technology. These graphics and gameplay of these odds are rather simplistic when compared to those you’ve used to play at licensed casinos. An example can be found at the Bitcoin Video Casino.

Every game comes with a server string. Furthermore, after each draw, you will be shown a random number generated by your PC, which is a proof of the deal’s fairness. Whereas the quality of graphics in these games leaves much to be desired, the fact that you’re not cheated by the gaming portal is definitely a huge plus.


You might not be overwhelmed with the range of titles offered by the traditional casinos, yet still, Bitcoin Keno does have several aces in the hole.

Firstly, you are enabled to play and remain completely anonymous. There’s no need to submit any documents for verification purposes or share any of your personal details when trying to sign up. No one is going to check your location either. To register at a Bitcoin casino, you’ll only need your e-mail address – and that’s it!

Another blatant pro is the fact there are no deposit or withdrawal fees in Bitcoin. For instance, the US players are meant to pay a fee of up to 5% when making credit card transfers. But when you play at a Bitcoin casino and find out your winnings can be withdrawn free of charge, you realize this is truly a saving. Many gambling portals also give out these saving in the form of lucrative reload bonuses.

Last but not least, as mentioned earlier, BTC casinos provide an opportunity to test the fairness of their odds empirically. Without the ‘provably fair’ technology, you can still enjoy the licensed gambles at some of the most popular crypto casinos.

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