How to Come By Bitcoins

Since its official release back in 2008, Bitcoin has been gradually etching its market share. Due to the fact that is has risen in price and value, the traditional ways of getting this crypto coin like mining and exchanging seem to be expensive. But these are not the only ways to come by BTC. Here are a couple of suggestions you can use to fill your coffers with little to no effort at all!

Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin faucets were conceived by the far-famed programmer Gavin Andersen in 2010. Presently, they are sort of reward systems on a basis of apps or web properties. All the rewards are given out in Satoshis, representing a jot of Bitcoin.

Facets give out Bitcoin at intervals. It’s free to take part in a faucet; however, the website or the app that support a faucet may ask you to create an account at their property or make some other actions in order to get the bitcoin reward.

Another peculiarity of bitcoin faucets are the referral programs. These are usually offered as a way to maximize the amount of cryptocurrency. How does it work? Every user gets a referral link by means of which they can invite others to register to the faucet. Then, the owner of the referral link gets a guaranteed Bitcoin reward, which significantly adds up to their total payout.

Bitcoin Jobs

Nowadays, your services can be paid in Bitcoins. If you’re okay with earning that way, then consider our list of corresponding venues:

  • Comb through the ‘Services’ section on Bitcoin Talk. You will definitely stumble upon a good deal of jobs and moonlighting options. The variety of jobs is really impressive; from the unchallenging tasks that require little time to serious projects that are sweat-worthy.
  • Coinality is another way to go, offering the listing of Bitcoin jobs grouped by location. Anytime you’d like to take another project, the platform will show the closest local gigs.
  • Programmers can explore the Jobs 4 Bitcoins, as it has a decent range of jobs paid in encrypted coins.
  • XBTFreelancer is another job board that showcases numerous programming gigs. Except for pure job search, the programmers can cooperate with others and publish their own job posts. This is the #1 spot to visit in case you want to put your programming skills to good use.
  • Bitgigs is a nice website that works on a make-and-wait basis. You can post a service offer and then wait until it’s responded. Also, it’s possible to look through the list of services by other people and contact them so they can do the work for you.

Online Tasks

Many sites have already adopted the practice of rewarding a user for performing a certain online task. Check out our selection of bitcoin paying web properties.

  • BitVisitor rewards users for watching video clips and other websites. You’re supposed to watch whatever is offered for 5 minutes, hit the Next button, and the system will take you to the next page. There’s no need to reveal any personal data, you only have to specify your wallet address, so the Bitcoin reward is transferred directly to it. The payout is quite humble – around 0.00001 BTC per one page, but still it’s an easy task to do that does not take much time.
  • CoinWorker is a site that assigns to you analytical tasks, which are further paid out in Bitcoin. Please note that in order to utilize this platform, you will have to register.
  • is among services that do not need your personal details to let you in. With this site, you can earn BTC while doing shopping with it.
  • Bitfortip pays its users with Bitcoins for answering questions on the forum. This is an excellent opportunity for both new and old users to learn from each other.

Trading Sites Loans

These days, there are loads of cryptocurrency marketplaces where you can exchange fiat money for Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, etc. Price fluctuations and news updates result in the constant shifts of cryptocurrency values, so you can expect a huge income from trading.

A good deal of these platforms offers player lending and margin accounts. This functionality enables you to lend your own encrypted coins to other players and get the interest from it. Loans are merely given to those players who are able to pay them back. However, there’s a certain risk you should consider. For instance, the notorious Mt. Gox exchange took the money of its clients and disappeared. Although such things do not happen every single day, it’s always better to be prepared. If you opt for reputable sites, the return will leave you jaw-dropped.

Bitcoin Tips

Offer any online services? Own a website, channel, or blog that many users adore? If your online presence is somehow mapped out, you can benefit from your audience’s goodwill. Just publish your bitcoin wallet address on your property/page and ask your followers to tip you in Bitcoins. Could it be any easier?!
Along with this, you can register at CoinURL – a resource that specializes in ad placement. It allows you to place ads on your web property and earn crypto coins through clicks.

Bitcoin Gambling

Being extremely popular, this niche is developing at an accelerated pace. New bitcoin casinos appear every other day and offer a ton of promotional activities and rewards to the registered users. This is probably the most challenging way to come by Bitcoins, as there are no guaranteed winnings. Still, you can take advantage of the welcome bonuses and try to generate as much BTC as you can.

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