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How to Earn Bitcoin Betting on CS: GO Matches

The Connection Between CSGO and Sports Betting

There’s hardly a person on Earth who is interested in online gaming and has not heard of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or CS:GO for short). Even those who don’t play video games have probably seen the title of this popular first-person multiplayer shooter on some sports betting site. What was it doing there? The answer is simple – it was a part of the sportsbook’s esports section. People like to play basketball with friends as well as watch professionals do it. The same has happened to several video games. There are tournaments teams compete in and the prizes for the winner. Some of these events have pretty hefty sums for the most skilled team, so it’s not unlike traditional sports. And, just like with any of those, spectators can also earn money by placing bets.

How CSGO Betting Became a Thing

At first, CS: GO betting took place on special sites that allowed visitors to wager weapon skins on various match outcomes. These were decoratory items the game developers used to spike activity amongst players, rewarding them for watching the matches on the Twitch streaming platform and randomly dropping those as well. Soon these skins became a sort of virtual currency, people were willing to buy some rare ones for real money, and skins betting platforms offered a chance to withdraw winnings in fiat money or cryptocurrency.

Considering that now Valve is shutting down all those skins betting sites, many legal crypto sportsbooks offer CSGO as a betting option on their site. So, it’s safe to suggest that this discipline isn’t going anywhere, quite on the contrary – with cryptocurrency, CS: GO sports betting becomes very attractive for bettors who enjoy following this game. And there are logical explanations of such potential and popularity.

A CS: GO match is usually 45-60 minutes long, making for a dynamic game that won’t take too much of your time. This also makes it easier to prepare by watching a team’s previous games and analyzing its strengths.
The matches are not only short but also quite frequent. Hence, there’s always some tournament taking place, bigger or smaller.

And as people with a better understanding of computers and software were the first to get on the trend of cryptocurrency, many of them were avid video game players. So, many of them would rather bet on some esports tournament than watch football. This makes bettors more involved in the game, as they actually play it themselves and enjoy watching other’s doing it as well.

CSGO Betting Sites

Just like with any other form of sports betting, it’s best to make a short list (or a long one, no one is limiting you) of the sites you find accommodating most of your needs. Not only will it give you a better choice of odds, but you will be able to constantly get various promotions. Here are a few things a good CSGO betting site should have.

It’s possible to find csgo betting sites where you can start betting and winning without making any deposits. Sure, it will be slower, but still a nice option to have.

Usually, there is more than one game presented on the site, so pick those that have the best selection of matches for you. There aren’t that many games to wager on as with sports betting, and besides CS: GO, the most common are LoL, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Call of Duty.

Among the sites we reviewed, Betcoin, 1xBit, and OneHash have CSGO betting and could actually end up on your list. So, you can start by reading those reviews and visiting the sites to see if they satisfy all your needs.

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