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Is Genesis Mining the Best Cloud Mining Platform?

Genesis Mining features, fees, and reviews make it one of the most popular and desirable online mining platforms. If you want to learn how to start earning, mine crypto, and make a substantial profit, read on.

What Is Genesis Mining?

Cloud mining services offer a new way to earn Bitcoin. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency mining, you need not buy expensive equipment, waste time on the complicated setup, and pay exorbitant utility bills. Instead, you can outsource both hardware and software cloud mining requirements to world-class data centers located in countries with the lowest electricity rates.

Genesis Mining is one of the first cloud-mining platforms that entered the market in 2013. Over six years, the company has become the leader of the online market with thousands of satisfied customers and a solid rating. Software engineers make up the core of the Genesis Mining team, and their technical expertise ensures the platform’s security and stability.

Game-changing Genesis Mining Features

If you decide to mine crypto with Genesis Mining, you will enjoy a variety of unique benefits:

  • Six cryptocurrency mining options. Besides the way to earn Bitcoin, Genesis Mining offers Litecoin, DASH, Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash contracts. With this variety, everyone can find the right mining pool combination.
  • Two or five-year long contracts. Unlike many cloud-mining platforms, Genesis Mining offers long-term investment plans. Altcoin contracts are two-year long, while Bitcoin mining packages can last two or five years.
  • Custom cloud-mining plans. If none of the three online mining options suits you, you can apply for a custom plan. The team will calculate the best price for your mining requirements.
  • No maintenance fees for selected plans. While Ethereum, DASH, and Bitcoin mining plans come with small maintenance costs, Monero, Zcash, and Litecoin do not require extra payments outside the selected package price.
  • 100% uptime guarantee. In case of hardware breakdown or security breach, your hash rate will be allocated to another mining pool to ensure you do not lose a second of your cryptocurrency mining time.

How to Start Earning with Genesis Mining?

Online mining with any of the cloud-mining platforms starts with setting up an account. You’ll need to enter a valid email address and generate a strong password. Once you verify the email, you can move on to selecting the cryptocurrency and mining pool. As Genesis Mining supports Bitcoin mining and five altcoins, the platform is popular, and some plans might not be available. If you don’t find the right contract to mine crypto now, return in a few weeks to check for updates.

How to start earning once you purchase the selected hashrate? Cloud mining begins immediately, and you can return in a day or two to review daily outputs and wait for the earnings to exceed the minimum withdrawal limit. You will enjoy all the outstanding Genesis Mining features until the cloud mining contract runs out in two or five years. Considering extreme cryptocurrency volatility, long-term plan is the best way to earn Bitcoin, so don’t expect quick results and be ready to wait for a couple of years to estimate the overall earnings.

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