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NFL Betting Explained

Besides being the most beloved sport among Americans, football is also an extremely popular choice for gamblers. If there is a sports betting section at a gambling site, NFL is going to be there for sure. Whether you are interested in betting with traditional money or with Bitcoin, a lack of sportsbooks is not going to be an issue. And while NFL betting is no rocket science, it does require some explanation.

How to Read NFL Betting Lines

At first glance, betting on football can seem confusing, especially for the newbies. There is nothing complicated, however, and after some time, NFL betting lines become very informative and a very quick way to find out the odds. And once you get accustomed with them, getting to other sports betting disciplines will be much easier. Take a look at an example below.

Team A -5.5 -150 35

Team B +5.5 +170 35

Usually, bookmakers expect people to bet on a certain team more than on its rival. You can see which is which by those signs, as a minus represents a favorite, while a plus stands for an underdog.

Now, those numbers represent three types of bets. Let’s explore them individually and in that order.

Point Spread

With this bet, you need to guess the potential difference in points. By placing a wager on Team A in this case, it would have to lead by 6 or more points. For a winning bet you place on the underdog, which is Team B and is not expected to win, they would need to do exactly that or, if they lose, do it by no more than 6 points. A common practice in sports betting is to use a half point for preventing pushes, or ties, in other words.

Money Line

Next comes a money line bet, which is probably the one used by sports bettors the most. All it takes to win is to guess which team will end up victorious. And like many other outcomes in sports betting, it requires a deep knowledge of the teams and NFL history. People are drawn to placing money line bets for all kinds of reasons. Some bet on the team they want to win, others think that the odds sportsbooks have for the game are a guide itself. The latter is not to be relied on, as odds tend to change if there turns out to be more money bet on one team than the other. For bookmakers, this is the tool to balance things out by betting on both sides. Now, let’s get to how a money line bet works.

For easier understanding, 100 dollars is used as a measure of things here. So, to win a hundred by betting on the favorite, which is Team A, you would need to place 150 bucks. Not a great ratio, as you can see, but it may be safer since the chances of this team winning may be quite high. So, to make you bet on Team B, the underdog, bookmakers offer much juicier odds. And $100 bet on it will let you win as much as $170. The question is whether you are ready to risk for such a reward.

Over/Under (A Totals Bets)

Finally, with the last type of bet here, it will be irrelevant which team wins. You need to take a guess whether combining points of both teams at the end of the match will exceed the offered number or not. The usual odds for a totals bet are -110, so to win 100 dollars you need to bet 110.

Sites with the Best NFL Odds

There are more types of bets, and they may differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. Besides, a decent sports betting site will almost certainly have a guide on the available bets, and usually even more useful information in a blog. The selection of places to bet at is limitless, but you can start with the sites we have already reviewed. 1xBit, BitcoinRush, CloudBet, FortuneJack, Betcoin Casino, BitStarz – those are some of the options featuring sportsbooks, and, subsequently, NFL betting.

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