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No-deposit Bitcoin Casinos

There was never a lack of gambling sites, but with the rise of Bitcoin, their number started increasing even more, as crypto casinos have been gaining popularity. So, now we have casinos that only accept fiat money, those that accept solely cryptocurrencies, and the mixed ones. Naturally, they are all competing for the gamblers, trying to prove that their site is the best one to choose. Online casinos try to attract and retain visitors by extending the accepted payment methods and currencies, introducing new hit games, providing swift and helpful support, and offering tempting bonuses and loyalty programs. Nowadays, unless the website’s administration is certain their casino has no serious competition in what they are offering and won’t start rapidly losing customers, allowing using Bitcoin and other digital currencies for deposits and withdrawals can be a real game changer.

What is this Bitcoin anyway? You must’ve heard about it before, but in case you don’t know, Bitcoin or BTC was the first cryptocurrency, which is also the reason why it’s the most popular one. 1 BTC consists of 100 million Satoshis, which are the smallest parts it can be divided into. They were named so after Satoshi Nakamoto, one of the Bitcoin’s founding fathers.

What’s important is that Bitcoin has become rather popular in the gambling world as well, as more and more sites join the club of Bitcoin casinos. However, they have to offer some unique opportunities even to be noticed with all well-established casinos out there that have already gained fame and reputation when real money currencies were the only ones that mattered. And that is why some of Bitcoin casinos started offering their visitors a chance to win real money without making any deposits. That’s a bold and generous move, but it is certainly working.

No-deposit Bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos

Following the catching practice of letting people play without making a deposit, some of Bitcoin casinos went even further, offering no-deposit bonuses. The concept sounds hard to believe in, but there are gambling sites that do reward new users right after they sign-up and before they make any deposits.

It’s obvious that many new players will opt for such casinos and try to win real money without risking their own funds. That is also a good opportunity to test the casino before making any commitment to it.

When are No-deposit Bonuses Issued to the Players

There are a few types of the occasion when players can receive no-deposit bonuses. As mentioned before, newcomers can be rewarded after registering at a casino site, which is a great move to attract more people and make them create accounts.

Sometimes online casinos decide to issue certain bonuses, such as free spins, to announce a new game or an important addition to the site. This is a smart way to make the players try a new slot game, as they can test it without spending their own money and later decide to play it more.

Finally, existing players can receive free bonuses if a gambling site decides to reward them on their birthday or achievement of a certain amount of points.

No-deposit bonuses come in one of the following forms: free spins, real money, or crypto coins. While the first two are pretty clear, the latter one can require some additional explanation.

Free Crypto Coins No-deposit Bonus

Just like real money some casinos offer new players as a no-deposit bonus, free Bitcoins issued upon registration is probably the one type of bonus that you won’t come across that often. If you are lucky to find such a casino, you will get some small amount of money in cryptocurrency.

Usually, the size of such bonus is very small, but it’s enough to help you get started and try to win some more. Surely, no casino will give away too much money, just enough to stimulate the new players and let them experience some of the available games where the stakes allow it. No-deposit bonus usually amounts to a few Satoshi, but certain Bitcoin casinos offer as much as 250 mBTC.

Wagering Requirements for No-deposit Bonuses

Once you have found a Bitcoin casino that offers no-deposit welcome bonuses, you need to make sure that it is truly so, because at times it can be difficult to understand what the gambling site really offers. Besides, there are many casinos that use exceptionally tempting bonus offers to lure in new players, yet it turns out there are some specific conditions written in small text. Be sure to check out for those first, so that you don’t just lose your time getting the bonuses you won’t be able to retrieve afterward.
Most of the time, there will be wagering requirements that you need to fulfill before being able to withdraw the money won using free spins or Satoshi. The wager rate differs from site to site, so that is another thing to look for in the no-deposit bonus description or to find out by contacting support. Usually, this rate ranges from x30 to x45.

You may argue that this way, the bonus does not seem that attractive after all. But we all know that things are rarely truly free. However, lately, some Bitcoin casinos have gone as far as offering no-deposit bonuses without any wagering requirements.

No-deposit Welcome Bonus Rules

Another thing to be ready for is other conditions, which can prevent you from withdrawing the winnings received thanks to using the no-deposit bonus. We have gathered some of the most common requirements that the no-deposit bonus can be subject to, so you can get an idea of what those can be:

  • Highest allowed win and withdrawal amount. A limit can be set to the amount of money you can win using the no-deposit bonus.
  • Most often, it will be required of you to make a deposit to get access to your winnings on the no-deposit bonus. Certainly, that is a very important condition, so make sure you don’t miss it.
  • Time restrictions. You may be required to use your free money or free slots spins within a specific period of time, usually a week, from the moment of registering at an online casino. There can be an additional time limit for fulfilling the wagering requirements as well.
  • Account verification. Be ready to provide some additional information about yourself to claim your winnings.
  • A limited amount of available games. Sometimes Bitcoin casinos use no-deposit bonuses in the form of money or spins to promote certain games or slots, and so they can be used only when playing those games. This is usually mentioned in the bonus description or in Bitcoin casino terms of use.

We would like to emphasize that there can be other stipulations, and most often it’s not one but a combination of conditions applied to withdrawing money won on a no-deposit bonus. Be especially attentive not to miss any of them if you do not want to lose your winnings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of No-deposit Bitcoin Bonuses

To sum up, we think it’s best to provide a concise list of pros and cons of no-deposit welcome bonuses Bitcoin casinos use to attract new visitors. We know that when you first hear about these offers, it sounds great. However, you may also suspect that it can’t be that simple, and the wagering requirements seem to confirm those suspicions. Nevertheless, certain conditions are something to expect with these kinds of offers, so we think you should still weigh the pros and cons before hastily backing down on no-deposit bonuses.


  • No deposit is needed to start playing.
  • A chance to check the available games and try them.
  • An opportunity to see how stable a casino is in its operation.
  • An ability to withdraw your money won on no-deposit bonuses.


  • A limited amount of money you can win using a no-deposit bonus.
  • Possible wagering requirements and other conditions you must meet to withdraw your winnings.
  • A necessity to make a deposit in order to keep your winnings.

It may seem that no-deposit bonuses are actually a great deal, even when they come with a lot of conditions. After all, if you study them carefully and make sure you fulfill each and every one of them, you will definitely get the money you won. However, we must warn you: in some cases, it will still be required to make a deposit after meeting all other requirements before you can make a withdrawal. Just be ready for that scenario whenever you come across a no-deposit welcome bonus. You will most certainly receive all your winnings, but only after you agree to commit to the site and verify your account.

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