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Profitable Altcoin Online Mining with MinerGate

Cloud-mining is a low-risk investment opportunity if you don’t know how to start earning in blockchain and possess no technical knowledge and skills. Renting hashpower in a mining pool saves your time and money. With a reliable online mining platform, such as MinerGate, you can mine crypto with minimal upfront investments and make the most of altcoins.

How Is MinerGate Different from Other Cloud-Mining Platforms?

The variety of online mining packages is the primary advantage among MinerGate features. While other cloud-mining platforms focus on Bitcoin mining and offer a couple of alternatives, MinerGate offers 11 cryptocurrency options. You can expect more currencies to join the mining pool.

MinerGate provides you with real-time data on exchange rates so you can make the most of your earnings. This company does not merely provide you with a way to earn Bitcoin; it enables you to diversify your cloud mining portfolio and make the most of every profitable currency pair.

MinerGate Features You Will Enjoy

MinerGate offers more than yet another way to earn Bitcoin; this platform is a well-rounded investment tool for passive income generation. Cloud mining features that set MinerGate from the competition include:

  • Excellent miner support. Whether you settle on altcoin or Bitcoin mining, you will find answers to all your questions in an extensive FAQ section. The help posts range from the account and cloud mining information to hardware specs and rewards. Online support is also available if you do not find the information you need on how to mine crypto with MinerGate.
  • Low mining pool fees. MinerGate supports PPS and PPLNS payment modes for most of the available online mining packages. However, the fees may vary across the methods for the same currency. Litecoin cloud mining comes with 0% fees, while Bitcoin mining PPLNS fee is 1%. PPS method fees are 1.5%.
  • Progressive affiliate levels. Unlike some cloud-mining platforms that rely solely on multi-level marketing, MinerGate offers significant affiliate earnings besides cryptocurrency mining. While Beginner miners with less than ten referrals receive a 30% commission, Pro-level users can get a 65% commission after inviting over 31 new members.

How to Start Earning with MinerGate?

With useful MinerGate features in mind, you might want to mine crypto at a moment’s notice. Luckily, the MinerGate sign-up process takes less than two minutes. Only email and password are necessary to create an account. You can fill in additional information, including your cryptocurrency wallets, later.

Selecting the cloud mining package is tricky, as there are over ten options on MinerGate. Online mining experts do not recommend relying on a single currency, especially if it is an altcoin. To make the most of your online mining experience, diversify your mining pool and select two or more cryptocurrency mining packages. This way, you mitigate the risk of losing money if the price of one of the altcoins plummets.

MinerGate is an established and reliable cryptocurrency mining company ideal for those who don’t know how to start earning in the blockchain. Extensive guidelines and FAQs, multiple online mining options, and numerous positive reviews make this platform perfect for experienced and newcomer miners. It’s not just another way to earn Bitcoin; it is an investment opportunity for the most exacting miners.

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