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Sports Betting with Cryptocurrency, Pros and More Pros

There comes a time when sports fans realize they could enjoy following their favorite teams and athletes on their way to victory even more if they place bets. This opportunity to win money has always been a nice addition to watching sports, and even more so when online sports betting started heavily featuring cryptocurrencies. Considering that Bitcoin and other altcoins have been known to go through phases and rise in price, there are few of those who would not want to use a chance like that.

Why Choose a Cryptocurrency Sportsbook over a Regular One

More and more sportsbooks realize the benefits of cryptocurrency and make it available for both depositing and withdrawing funds from a gambler’s account. This practice is easily explained by a constantly rising interest in digital money among bettors, and entering the lists of Bitcoin sports betting sites helps to attract new customers looking just for the place to score some crypto coins at.

There are, however, other practical advantages both sportsbooks owners and gamblers get. First of all, it is possible to place bets and win money while remaining absolutely anonymous, which is an option many gamblers value highly. Near-instant transactions is another thing regular casinos can’t always guarantee. Sites that feature games and gambling options based on the blockchain technology also offer unprecedented transparency, letting anyone make sure there has been no cheating on the part of the betting site.

Finally, cryptocurrency made this type of betting much more accessible and attractive to people with no experience in betting on sports. Because Bitcoin transactions require no or close to non-existent fees, sportsbooks can offer much more competitive adds. And there are certain techniques like no-risk matched betting, which even newcomers can become familiar with to ensure they won’t be left empty-handed.

Finding a Reliable BTC Sportsbook

It’s obvious that sports betting with cryptocurrency is the future, but finding a trustworthy Bitcoin sportsbook may turn out to be a challenging task. This is because of the swarming sites that try to get their 15 minutes of fame and get your money while they have such a chance. The competition is strong, however, one can easily ignore all those smaller sites, selecting only highly regarded sportsbooks.

This makes it more difficult for smaller ventures that actually utilize the blockchain technology to everyone’s advantage to get the recognition they deserve. That is why we try to include such sites on our list of reviewed online casinos and crypto sportsbooks along with the definite leaders.

Sites that Support Litecoin Betting

Now, almost any cryptocurrency sportsbook will support Bitcoin, the first and still the most popular representative of new money. However, if you are after a different currency, like Ethereum, Bytecoin, or Litecoin, the list of available sports betting sites will be much shorter. Shorter, but still having enough well-reviewed sites to choose from. So, if you are looking for a place to bet some Litecoin, and naturally win more than you spend, here are the online casinos and sportsbook that will allow you to do that:

  • TrueFlip
  • 1Xbit Casino
  • 777Coin Casino
  • Bitcoin Penguin
  • Fortune Jack Casino
  • Cryptogames Casino

These, of course, are far from all the available options on the Internet, but those are the Litecoin betting sites we have checked and reviewed for you. So make sure to have a read to see which ones suit your requirements.

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