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A Concise Guide to Choosing a Blockchain Sportsbook

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Sportsbook Properly

The sports betting industry is growing rapidly, with yearly turnarounds of billions of dollars. There has never been any lack of those wishing to earn a quick buck by making the right prediction on the game’s outcome, and the sportsbooks give us such a chance. However, whenever there’s money involved, some companies may do their best to avoid paying out large winnings they didn’t expect. There have been cases when a sportsbook tried to revoke a winner his money, claiming there has been some technical mistake in the calculation of the odds. So, while still willing to place wagers, bettors are often wary of the bookmakers and the guarantees they offer.

This is something the blockchain technology successfully takes care of, making crypto sportsbooks a much safer and trustworthy place for sports enthusiasts.

Strong Sides of Blockchain Sports Betting

Everyone benefits from using the blockchain technology in sports betting: users get a guarantee that their winnings will be transferred to them within minutes of the results becoming known, and bookmakers get a reliable decentralized network, which makes things easier to maintain and avoid mistakes. The costs for keeping track of all the operations are significantly lower, and BTC sportsbooks require a much smaller staff to offer the same amount of services. Hence, the sites use this chance not only to save the operational costs but also to offer some great free bonuses to visitors. Meanwhile, the odds are also often better than at traditional sportsbooks for the very same reason.

What Makes a Bitcoin Sportsbook Good

Although you could try and find one perfect Bitcoin sportsbook for you, it would be more practical to have a few sports betting sites at your disposal. In that scenario, you get to choose the site with the best odds for each particular match and also enjoy receiving lots of promotional offers all the time. Now let’s run through the things to keep in mind when deciding on which sites to add on your list.
BTC transactions are fees-free, which is another great argument for choosing this payment method, but sportsbooks may decide that it’s not necessary to do things too good for their customers. So, if a crypto betting site has commissions for deposits and withdrawals that you think are too high, just skip that one.

Another thing you may not get despite obvious expectations is complete anonymity. Yes, Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, all they require is your wallet address, which cannot be used to trace back to you. Still, a sportsbook may require you to provide personal details and verify your ID as a part of their KYC policy.

Finally, you need to be sure you can access the site. You may read a great review and be ready to dive into sports betting only to find out your location is not supported. It’s also important to check how well a sportsbook is displayed and functions on mobile devices. Surprisingly, not all of them are adjusted for that purpose.

Key to Successful Bitcoin Sportsbetting

The bottom line is there are countless Bitcoin sportsbooks out there, and many of them are actually good. Various reviews and lists of top sports betting sites can guide you, but you are the only person who knows exactly what you are looking for. Or, well, you will know after you check a few sites that don’t quite fit your requirements. So don’t despair if the first site you visit is not the one for you. Finding a great blockchain sportsbook is worth a bit of effort.

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