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Key to Engaging Playtime with Bitcoin Lotto

Are you bored with the commonplace national lottery? Do you fancy trying something new and diversify your gaming experience a bit? If you are positive about these two questions, then catch up with the new winning options! As of now, it is possible to try one’s hand at crypto keno, Bitcoin bingo, Delaware sports lottery – the list goes on! But we are going to tell you about Bitcoin Lotto, which is an innovative substitute to a similarly-named entertainment.

What is Bitcoin Lotto And How Do You Play It?

It is a pleasant and fun addition to the variety of Bitcoin Lotteries. The game rewards its players with BTC as prizes. If you do not have any BTC but still want to play – that’s fine; the game runs as smoothly as it can with fiat currencies. You just pay for your lines with paper money and attempt to guess the six winning numbers. Who knows maybe the jackpot of 1,000 BTC is meant to be yours?!

Bitcoin Lotto works similarly to the lottery we all know and love; the prizes increase in value as there are more matching numbers. In order to participate, a user needs to register and pick any six numbers from the available 49 for every line. If you are lazy to do the manual work yourself, feel free to use the Quick Pick option, and the system selects six random numbers for you.

To qualify for winning, you need to guess at least two numbers correctly. In case you match all six numbers, it means that you’ve hit the jackpot!

Why Is Bitcoin Lotto Better Than Other Bitcoin Lotteries?

This crypto lottery boasts off an incredibly generous top prize of 1,000 BTC, which is supposed to grow in the future! You’ll have to admit – not all Bitcoin lotteries can offer you that much. Bitcoin Lotto starts to reward its players if they match at least two numbers. You can find out more about the available prizes from the list below:

  • 2 numbers match – 1.50 euros
  • 3 numbers match – 5 euros
  • 4 numbers match – 50 euros
  • 5 numbers match – 1 BTC
  • 6 numbers match – a minimum of 1,000 BTC

The prizes in the three lowest tiers are paid in fiat currency, but when it comes to the top prizes, Bitcoin Lotto offers its players a choice between crypto coins and cash. The amount of cash equivalent depends on the exchange rate with BTC at 9.30 pm CET.

Don’t you think that is fabulous?! Yes and no, we should say. Before you decide to bet your money at this lottery site, please acknowledge that all prizes are fixed, except for the jackpot. In case there is more than one winner, the top prize will be split between them equally. The things are simple with the rest of the prizes; you will get the advertised value no matter how many other players have guessed as many numbers as you.

How to Get My Prize in Bitcoin Lotto

The winners of lower tier prizes get paid from the money collected in sales for the lottery. The Operator transfers these winnings straight to your account. As to the top prizes, it is necessary to take out insurance policy first, an then you are good to receive your hard-earned money.

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Lotto

Unlike other Bitcoin Lotteries, this one really stands out due to its huge jackpot offering. The top prize is worth an 8-figure sum in euros, which is definitely a big attraction for crypto hunters all over the globe. If you are eager to participate, go ahead – the site is welcoming every player heartily!

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