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TrueFlip casino review 2018

TrueFlip casino review 2018

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Waves

2Games: Flip's Star, Rapid to the Moon
Features: Jackpot, prize fund, token sale, referral system, unique bitcoin wallet, gift cards, Flipcoin
Withdrawal & Fees: bets from 0.0001 BTC, 4% transaction fee

TrueFlip site review

TrueFlip is well-presented as a blockchain casino with fair draws, transparent winnings, and multiple games to enjoy. The place has an eye-catching design and appealing promotions that engage players at first sight. The TrueFlip casino claims to have the highest Jackpot in the world. Unlike with other bc casinos, their casino rating in 2018 was justified by a huge number of players and over 120,000 sold lottery tickets.


The TrueFlip site was launched in 2016 and by today has built a huge client base. It operates similar to a bitcoin casino but they have created their own so-called TrueFlip tokens (or TFL) that entitle its holders to vote on the lottery development and grant them access to rewards. The platform has a great growth potential, so no wonder many gamblers turn their attention to it. It can be accessed on the web or via any mobile device (Android or iOS). Though, there are risks involved in connection with technology and coins storage but, at the same time, these don’t differ much from the risks in any other crypto casino or gambling site.

The TrueFlip casino operates under the Curacao laws and True Flip Group SRL incorporated in Costa Rica. The venue has won its place among the best bc casinos, dice, lotteries and other platforms accepting cryptocurrencies by enabling decentralized gameplay.


In this TrueFlip review, we’ll cover the general scope of offerings without getting into the details of its ICO nature and token principles. Let’s consider what you can opt for here as a regular player who’s looking to test their luck on a daily basis.

Numerous crypto games make the TrueFlip casino a suitable place to challenge one’s fortune. It’s neither a slot site nor a gambling site, therefore, you won’t’ find games like poker, roulette, slots or a sportsbook to bet on. Being in the same rank with bitcoin casinos, it is tailored to the lottery that has offers an enticing experience to its players.

First of all, this blockchain-based technology ensures fair and clear results of every played lottery. There are about 8k winners each month and the paid amount reaches 6.5 BTC. To determine the winning number in the game, the TrueFlip site uses random hashes that are impossible to predict and places the source code on the GitHub for the more honest outcome. Thus, the game algorithm generates random numbers from the draw, and that’s it. Nothing to complicated. For the winning number, you get paid straight to your wallet without third party involvement.

Basically, just like any blockchain casino, TrueFlips enables anonymity, which means any user can buy a ticket, fill it, and see if the chosen numbers win. All results go public, so players can check for the Jackpot prize simply by copying the address on the site and pasting it to any bitcoin blockchain.

Now, there are three major games to play on the TrueFlip site: Flip’s Star, Rapid to the Moon, and the newest one is Chain’s Code.

Flip’s Star

The principle of the game reminds that of a Power ball but the chances to win here are a bit higher because the amount played was reduced to 49 numbers. To enjoy the lottery, a user has to purchase tickets, fill out them manually (or automatically), and send to the upcoming draw. It’s possible to play one and the same bet in several coming draws.

When filling out a ticket, you suppose to guess 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 49, and at least 1 number in the range from 1 to 26.

The ticket price is 0.0002 BTC or $1.47. A player can choose to purchase as many as tickets as they want and then wait for the run. The winning tickets are determined by the matched numbers. If you have a winning combo as given in their published table you get a prize share, otherwise, you can join the next upcoming draw to play the numbers again.

All draws are publicly available. Players can check the archive with the top winning numbers anytime. If on the slot site or any other crypto casino, you basically challenge your luck without any idea of how it works and what results you may get, in case of TrueFlip, you get a clear-cut statistics of big wins with dates and amounts, which sure adds credibility to such a blockchain casino.

Rapid to the Moon

The next one on the list is Rapid to the Moon lottery. The bets here start from 0.0001 BTC or $2.58. This a fast-pacing numerical game, in which you choose 8 numbers in the range from 1 to 20 and at least 1 number from 1 to 4. Each game goes every 10-30 minutes.

The same way as in the previous lottery, a player can get several tickets and play the bet in the coming draws. All winning combos also provided in the Draw archive section, so you can check or for the prizes pool and Jackpots. To be that lucky winner, a TrueFlip player has to guess at least 9 numbers. Sometimes no one guesses, and then the fund is moved on to the upcoming draw.

Chain’s Code

This type of a crypto game offers somewhat fast play where payouts happen instantly. It’s a relatively new option in this blockchain casino. The principle is based on the pseudorandom number generator (Mersenne Twister) and requires you to collect a combo of digits. All combinations are formed in less than a minute, that’s how fast it gets! To take part, a user bets from 0.000020 BTC. At the time of a game, the amount is taken from the player’s account and combinations of numbers begin from. Once the sequence is determined, the system will create a leaderboard. Now, if your combo wins, the prize will be automatically added to your account. That’s it!

As we see it, the developers have made Chain’s Code similar to the slots mechanism. As a slot site, it generates the winning combination automatically but in a more digital way. Instead of various figures and colorful slot fruits, you play with numbers. What’s more, you can use a multiplayer to increase an amount of prize and bet between x1 and x5. This means that the total winning amount will be multiplied. However, the basic betting price also will be different.


It seems that this venue does not provide as many features as most of bc casinos. However, many do not always mean good in terms of quality. That’s the case with TrueFlip. They have two decent products in their offering: daily lotteries and Tokens. Well, the users who wish to try their luck can fully enjoy the three crypto games provided on the website. As to the tokens, or TFLs, these represent shares of the company. As a Token Holder, you can participate in the development of their blockchain casino and get a chance to receive some exclusive TrueFlip bonus. The tokens share depends on the number of visitors per day. The more people come to play daily, the more profit you a token holder makes.

The TrueFlip team also created Flipcoin that’s part of their exclusive bonus system. A user will get Flipcoins as a reward for exchanging bitcoins, TFL token, other cryptocurrencies as well as for supporting their project.

All in all, this crypto casino is rather comprehensive, the menu bar is well-structured, all the necessary information is there in front of your eyes. In terms of relativity and clarity, they can compete with any top bitcoin site. A player can check for the recent bets, wins, and transactions. Everything is there at your disposal. Plus, they provide data on the most common numbers and winning combinations, which is something to appreciate.


TrueFlip does not strike users with enormous welcome bonuses but they do have pleasant rewards in the form of Flipcoins along with exclusive prizes for token holders. Essentially, this blockchain casino claims to have the best Jackpot. Super prizes are given to those who bet on the Rapid to the Moon and Chain’s Code. There are Gift Cards you can buy too. In any case, to benefit from any offering, you should go through the TrueFlip sign up process first. Without an account, you won’t be able to test any lottery even if you wish to use a free ticket.

What’s more, there is a referral program to benefit from. So if you invite friends to join the TrueFlip site, you may get 2% of their winnings as a reward. This does not mean that the money will be taken from your friend’s account. TrueFlip pays from their own budget. Additionally, players may receive 5% from tickets bought by the referral link.


There is no such issue as the TruFlip scam. This crypto casino has been acknowledging as the most trustworthy and reliable bitcoin service. They apply transparent technology. There are no preset odds. All results are determined by mechanic algorithms that are impossible to interfere or predict. Users who sign up to the service must specify a valid email address and set a password. You can also use a social account to register. In all instances, they carefully verify each user’s details to make sure the casino remains free of scam.

Privacy Policy

TrueFlip aims to provide a great entertainment to all players ensuring that they enjoy their time and win more. They intend to become the best lottery site in the bitcoin landscape, and so far they justified their casino ranking of being on the top blockchain casinos. Anyone can come to test their luck and even take part in the development by purchasing TFL. The company really appreciates the interest of its customers in the future growth of the project.

Deposits & Withdrawals

The TrueFlip casino covers many payment methods enabling players to bet using various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Dogecoin. All deposits and withdrawals are instant. The platform secures transactions by email and 2FA verification. More to it, the history of transactions is displayed on the blockchain so everyone can easily check their status any time. Upon withdrawal, a winner gets 100% of the prize without free of any charges. However, TrueFlip applies commission (not more than 5%) on the total prize pool, which is done before the draw. Plus, users can stay anonymous at all times.

As to the deposit, you may select any amount you want to put on your TrueFlip balance. Before getting into the game, you should copy a unique Bitcoin address from the deposit page and then open a wallet for withdrawal. If this doesn’t work for you, use the “Other forms of Refill” option and choose a more suitable type of payment.

Those who want to buy tokens may do that by clicking on the Investors profile tab. Basically, that’s it. Once you become a token holder, you then can earn on service visitors and winnings.

Bottom line

This amazing blockchain lottery has won the hearts of many players. Although TrueFlip does not have any slots, table games, or sportsbook, it still is a very entertaining platform that lets you test your luck. Their main benefit is transparency at all levels. If you are looking for a reliable service to play and win some bitcoins, you might want to give it a try!

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